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Miss Springborn Grades 7 and 8 Room 212 Please sign the clipboard.

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1 Miss Springborn Grades 7 and 8 Room 212 Please sign the clipboard

2  This is my 13 th year teaching at the middle school  This will be my 3rd year teaching 7 th and 8 th grade Social Studies at the same time  I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Secondary Education/History and a Masters in Literacy Education from Canisius College  I have one son, Jacob, who is a Sophomore in high school this year

3 In 7 th Grade: In 8 th Grade:  Geography  Native Americans  Explorers  Colonial America  The American Revolution  Constitution and Government  Early Republic (1800-1859)  Causes of the Civil War  Civil War and Reconstruction  Quick review 7 th grade material  Westward Expansion and Immigration  The Gilded Age  Imperialism and WWI  The Roaring 20’s  The Great Depression  WWII and the Holocaust  Cold War  The Decades and modern day

4  Texts include Call to Freedom, Adventure Tales, Atlas of Our Countries History, and New York State textbook  We will utilize the LMC and computer labs for projects and research  We will be using many websites including one of my favorites…the Brainpop website

5  Be ready to learn and on time everyday  Listen when others are speaking  Be prepared for class each day  Always ask a question when you don’t understand something  Be respectful of yourself, your peers, and your teacher…this means no put-downs or inappropriate comments will be tolerated in my classroom

6  Email:  Phone: Main office 646-3250  Daily Homework: Team 6 Website and my website

7  Use your planner, write down your assignments  Complete your homework on time  Seek out help when you have questions or problems  Study in advance for tests and quizzes  Use my website to help you  Play Quizlet online to review important vocabulary  Follow directions in class and try your hardest  Take advantage of extra credit opportunities when they come up  Watch the NEWS! Check out the news online or start following some of the news channels on twitter

8  All power points and notes will be available online. Students can re-watch them, print copies of them or use them to study from  A link to every units vocabulary will be available for Quizlet…this is a great online study tool for students to use at home  I encourage students to use their school email and ask me questions or let me know when they are having trouble on an assignment  Can ask me to stay afterschool or for a pass to come see me during Encore or Study Hall  Download the Quizlet Ap or Brainpop Ap onto you phone or tablet as a study tool for your child.



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