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Advanced PowerPoint Features

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1 Advanced PowerPoint Features
Chapter 13

2 Adding Slide Transitions
The way one slide changes to the next Slide Show view. Can appear to fall off the screen to reveal the next slide Dissolve into the next slide Click Transitions to This Slide More button to display a gallery of transitions Point to transition in the gallery to view a live preview Options in the Timing group affect the transition speed and sound (if any) Apply the same transition to every slide for a more professional look Use slide master or Slide Sorter view

3 Animating Objects on a Slide
Animation Visual effect in which objects appear to move To animate Select text or object Click Animation More button to display a gallery Select Animation ⇒ Preview

4 Practice: Complete Human Geography Quiz – Part 1 of 2

5 Drawing Annotations in a Slide Show
Markings made on a slide that help the audience better understand the content Highlighting and drawing on slides

6 Practice: Complete Human Geography Quiz – Part 2 of 2

7 Creating a PowerPoint Template
A master presentation that includes the basic formatting and elements for particular types of presentation. Used again and again Includes customized layouts, placeholders that indicate the type of information to place in them, a theme, and additional changes to the colors or fonts. To create Format a new presentation File ⇒ Save As ⇒ point to Save As Type list ⇒ choose PowerPoint Template To open File ⇒ New ⇒ My Templates ⇒ choose created template

8 Practice: Complete Contini, Holiday Cookies

9 Adding Audio An audio file can be added to a slide and played during a slide show Insert ⇒ Audio Click Audio from File to display a dialog box where an audio file can be selected

10 Adding Video Video clips can be added to a PowerPoint presentation
Insert ⇒ Video

11 Practice: Complete Guest House

12 Delivering a Presentation
Many ways to deliver a presentation Refers to the location and manner in which the audience experiences the presentation Live speaker lectures or narrates while presentation is projected onto a large screen Live speaker in one location while audience views presentation on a home computer using software such as Microsoft Office Live Meeting, WebEx, Adobe Acrobat Connect, or GoToMeeting. Presentation is played in a continuous loop on an unattended computer, and viewed by anyone who chooses to watch it (Kiosk) Presentation is distributed on CD or published to the Web to be viewed at any time The presentation is printed on paper in various layouts and given to the audience to read File ⇒ Save & Send

13 Practice: Complete Guest House Promo

14 Hyperlinks on a Slide PowerPoint automatically turns web addresses to hyperlinks Click link on screen to activate Insert ⇒ Hyperlink

15 Creating a Photo Album PowerPoint has a photo album feature that is used to create a slide show of pictures Insert ⇒ Photo Album ⇒ New Photo Album

16 Practice: Complete Alaska Photos

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