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The European Research Council

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1 The European Research Council
The Ethics Review Ethics review procedures in Horizon 2020 Filipa Ferraz de Oliveira ERC/European Commission ERCEA, Unit B1 NCP meeting – November 2013

2 Ethics in submission system New templates
What is new in Ethics H2020 Legal base Art.16 in H2020 Framework Programme Art.12 and 13 Rules for Participation List of ethics issues ERC Rules for Submission in H2020 Ethics procedure Ethics Appraisal Ethics in submission system Integral part of the proposal (part A) New templates EIT ethics issues table

3 Legal base - Article 16 Ethical principles
1. All activities shall comply with ethical principles (Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights and its Supplementary Protocols). Particular attention to : - the principle of proportionality; - the right to privacy; - the right to the protection of personal data; - the right to the physical and mental integrity of a person; - the right to non-discrimination; - the need to ensure high levels of human health protection.

4 Legal base - Article 16 Ethical principles
2. Activities shall have an exclusive focus on civil applications. 3. The fields that shall not be financed: (a) human cloning for reproductive purposes; (b) modify the genetic heritage of human beings; (c) create human embryos solely for the purpose of research or of stem cell procurement. 4. Research on human stem cells (adult and embryonic) may be financed. No funding shall be granted for activities prohibited in all the Member States. No activity shall be funded in a Member State where such activity is forbidden. 5. The fields of research set out in 3. may be reviewed.

5 Legal base - Article 12 Proposals:
1. shall include a draft plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results. 2. shall include, for research on human embryonic stem cells, details of licensing and control measures as well as details of the ethical approvals that will be provided. 3. A proposal which contravenes ethical principles (…) may be excluded from the evaluation, selection and award procedures at any time.

6 Legal base - Article 13 Ethics review
The Commission shall systematically carry out ethics reviews for proposals raising ethical issues. This review shall verify the respect of ethical principles and legislation and, in the case of research carried out outside the Union, that the same research would have been allowed in a Member State.

7 List of ethics issues 1 Humans Data protection
Which humans are involved? - vulnerable persons - persons unable to give consent Children Are some interventions on the body foreseen? - invasive techniques (biopsy, EEG, fMRI) - Patients? Healthy volunteers? Which are the procedures for recruitment and consent? Documents to provide - ethics authorisations - information and consent forms Data protection Which data? - genetic data sensitive data (health, political or religious opinions, sexual orientation, etc.) Which procedure? - procedure for collection – how, by whom, information on rights, info and consent forms, anonymisation procedure for protection of data – how it is protected, encrypted, where, for how long? Documents to provide - data protection officer/authority authorisations - information and consent forms - security measures

8 List of ethics issues 2 Cells and Tissues Animals What type? What for?
- hESCs - foetal cells/tissues - use or creation of cells/cells lines What for? - justification of use - origin: direct collection/ biobanks /secondary use Documents to provide - ethics authorisations - information and consent forms - justification of right for secondary use Animals Which animals are involved? - vertebrates - GMOs - Primates - wild / protected animals For what use? - Justification for choice of species - 3Rs, precise evaluation of number - Description of procedure, husbandry, anaesthesia, euthanasia - applicable legislation Documents to provide - ethics authorisations / project license - personal and laboratory licenses

9 List of ethics issues 3 Non EU countries Misuse and Security
Which countries? - associated countries, low income, others? - to do what with? Whom with? Export/import of ressources? - which sources (including data)? - export/import from/to EU Benefit sharing measures for low income countries Documents to provide - National and local ethics authorisations - Authorisations for import/export - Contact with local researchers/local authorities BUT, if politically sensitive research there can be exceptions Misuse and Security Which threats? - health for team and/or society - misuse risks/ terrorist abuse - dual use - threats on human rights What for? Justification Documents to provide - ethics authorisations - mitigation measures - balance of rights

10 Environment Protection
List of ethics issues 4 Environment Protection Is the project taking place in sensitive areas? Is the project using/collecting protected elements? - oceans – Directive on Oceans? - natural areas – Directive Habitat? - areas with endangered/protected species – Directive on birds, CITES convention? What for? - justification - measures to minimize impact - benefit of the research to the environment Documents to provide - ethics authorisations - specific zone authorisations NEW!

11 Ethics procedure Ethics Appraisal Ethics Review: Ethics pre-screening
Ethics screening Ethics assessment Ethics monitoring Before Granting Ethics Checks Ethics Audits After Granting After Granting R&I ERCEA

12 Ethics in submission system
Ethics Issues Table EIT Part A Ethics Self-assessment Part B

13 New templates EIT Covering all ethics issues mentioned
YES/NO questions and open questions Detailed instruction

14 Ethics Clearance Lists with evaluated proposals (main + reserve lists)
Ethics Pre- Screening Proposals concerned by ethics review are frozen until Clearance is emitted. Ethics Screening EIT+ Ethics Self-Assessment Ethics Assessment R&I Ethics Assessment ERCEA Ethics Clearance Note Signature of Grant Agreements hESCs are submitted to : Programme Committee EC decision After granting: monitoring

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