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BioScience Academy Opportunities…. Experiences…. You can prepare for an amazing career…all here at Foothill!!

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1 BioScience Academy Opportunities…. Experiences…. You can prepare for an amazing career…all here at Foothill!!

2 What Is the BioScience Academy? A three year program designed for students interested in preparing for possible careers in the Health Sciences or Biotechnology related fields. –Nursing, physician, dentist, veterinarian… –Geneticist, biotechnician who discovers new medicines, stem cell researcher…. –Two areas with HUGE needs for new employees!!HUGE

3 So…. Wanna be in BioScience?

4 Statistics Between 2006-2016: 3 million new jobs will be added in the health care industry. People living longer, medical technology extending life expectancy = need for more health care workers. Nursing shortage: 587,000 new nursing positions will be created through 2016 (a 23.5% increase), making nursing the nation’s top profession in terms of projected job growth. Jobs in the biotechnology fields expect to have an increase of 9% in the next 10 years. Return

5 What is involved? Three specialized courses that give students hands-on skills and experiences. Students learn real life patient care skills, biotech lab skills, first aid, CPR - all skills used by professionals in hospitals and labs. Students visit facilities, work with patients or in labs… have real experiences.

6 Courses 10th grade: Chemistry H/chemistry and BioScience FIRE 11th grade: Medical Technology and Physiology Honors (Job shadows) 12th grade: Biotechnology Lab and Physics (Bioethics optional)

7 BioScience Survey An introduction to the opportunities in health care and biotechnology. An opportunity to examine your goals, skill sets, personality traits and see how they could fit in a future career. Many speakers from the community come and share about their career. Field trips to facilities. Return to courses

8 Medical Technology Taken in partnership with Physiology Health care skills –Advanced first aid –CPR –Taking vitals and basic assessment Medical terminology Microbiology and epidemiology Patient care skills A great introduction to working with patients Return to courses Video

9 Advanced Biotechnology Lab Using approximately $98,000 of equipment, students perfect biotech skills used in labs all over the country. Student work directly with DNA and proteins gaining advanced lab skills and knowledge. Fantastic preparation for the future scientist or hopeful lab tech in college! Return to courses

10 Bioethics A serious course that examines the many controversial issues that are a part of health care and biological science Students learn to use philosophical concepts to examine and discuss tough issues. An mature course often only seen in college. Return to courses

11 BioScience Kids at Work

12 And play…..

13 Who should apply? Students who are interested in Science. Students who want to prepare for future careers in Health Science or Biotechnology. Students willing to make a 3 year commitment to a special program. Students interested in learning about themselves and in meeting academic challenges – in a small, close community. Students who want a unique opportunity.

14 How will this help me? You will graduate from high school with real life knowledge AND skills. You will graduate from high school with a minimum of 5-6 science courses! You will participating in a specialized program that will set you apart from the thousands of other applicants to university. You will have goals and a clear idea of what you want to do in your life!

15 And… You will make amazing friends! You will belong to a select group of students who have very unique experiences. You will have a small academic community with adults who care for you and mentor you. You will have a lot of really fun times!!

16 So… What do I have to do? Pick up application from Mrs. Duffy. Complete the application and turn all in to the office by February 14 th at 3:15pm. If accepted…. Welcome to Cohort 10!!

17 Can I….? Play sports? Yes Be in ASB? Yes Play in the Band at BHS or VHS? Yes Get D’s or F’s in my classes? No Act like a jerk around campus? No Take the easiest classes possible? No

18 Will I…..? Be competitive for college? Oh my....YES! Complete my A-G requirements? Yes Have fun? Yes!! Be able to get a good job out of high school? Very likely…. And not at McDonalds!! Colleges Academy Students are currently attending: Stanford University UCLA UC Berkeley Harvard University UC Santa Cruz Westpoint Military Academy University of Washington Cal Poly San Luis UC Davis

19 Join the Academy!! Be a part of a unique group. Prepare for a fabulous career. Build friendships. Set yourself up for a top university and be focused when you get there! BioScience Seniors… heading off to college! UCLA, Berkeley, Cal Poly…..

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