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GSU-NACDD-CDC Chronic Disease and Public Health Workforce Training Training Needs Survey and Public Health Certificate in Chronic Disease Training for.

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1 GSU-NACDD-CDC Chronic Disease and Public Health Workforce Training Training Needs Survey and Public Health Certificate in Chronic Disease Training for Action (TRAC) Project

2 TRAC Principles Every action based on evidence Every training directed toward competency Every competency directed toward outcome

3 Describe training needs of the chronic disease workforce in state and local health departments Provide evidence base for curriculum design Create baseline for future assessments Investigate methods for measuring training needs TRAC Survey Purpose

4 Focuses on actual individual reports, not management assessments Captures specific data on chronic disease workforce needs Translates competencies into education practice Unique Aspects of TRAC Survey

5 TRAC Survey Evidence Base Agencies and Organizations That Have Conducted PHWF Assessments Council on Education for Public Health Association of Schools of Public Health Institute of Medicine Association of State and Territorial Health Officials National Association of County and City Health Officials US Government Accountability Office Center for Studying Healthcare Change HRSA Bureau of Health Professions State Health Departments Universities and/or Schools of Public Health Council on Linkages between Academia and Public Health Practice World Health Organization American Public Health Association

6 TRAC Survey Evidence Base Common Themes From PHWF Assessments Local and state public health agencies vary widely in their capacity and training Schools of public health should have comprehensive, yet flexible programs with the capability to educate and nurture new public health professionals as well as offer continuing education opportunities for those already working in the field. There is a ongoing shortage of professionals in the public health workforce. Lack of funding is a major barrier to building the capacity of the public health workforce, and often results in insufficient pay and benefits and hiring restrictions that affect the ability to recruit and retain quality public health professionals. There is lack of adequate training and education found in all levels of the public health workforce

7 TRAC Survey Evidence Base Assessing Competencies/Training Needs for PH Professionals in Chronic Disease Programs Kreitner, et al. J PH Management Practice 2003;9:284-290 Critical competencies – Human resources/management – Public health/chronic disease knowledge – Communication – Informatics/computers – Cultures/diversity – Epidemiology/biostatics – Chronic disease prevention/policy – Evaluation (12 SHD, 73 managers in focus groups)

8 TRAC Survey Evidence Base Michigan Bureau of Health Promotion and Disease Control ( 175 employees) Identified top training needs – Understand composition of public health workforce – Conduct surveys/studies on health services – Use qualitative and quantitative data Preferred training format – Face to face – Computer-based – Videoconference

9 TRAC Survey Evidence Base NACDD Competencies for Practice Build support with stakeholders Design and evaluate programs Influence policies and systems change Lead strategically Manage people Manage programs and resources Use public health science

10 TRAC Survey Evidence Base WHO A ssessment of National Capacity for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control 2001 Health indicators Operational plans Legislation Information systems and statistics Structure and financing of prevention and treatment activities Human resources Capacity for monitoring and evaluation

11 TRAC Survey Evidence Base Public Health Accreditation Board Derived from 10 essential services A.Provide infrastructure for public heath services B.Action in 10 domains 1.Collect and maintain population health data 2.Investigate health problems and hazards to protect community 3.Communicate information on public health issues and functions 4.Engage the community to promote public health policies 5.Develop and implement strategic plan 6.Enforce public health laws 7.Assess health care capacity and access 8.Maintain competent health workforce 9.Evaluate effectiveness of public health programs and interventions 10.Contribute to and apply evidence-based public health practice

12 TRAC Survey Design State and local health department professionals Early to mid-career (not senior managers) Individual professionals describing their own needs Web-based survey Self-assessed capacity Based on competencies and curriculum development

13 TRAC Survey Questions Demographics Characteristics of health department Profession, title, education Chronic disease focus Functions within program Current training priorities and training delivery preferences Career and retirement plans Computer skills and access

14 TRAC Certificate Purpose Provide evidence-based academic training for public health professionals in chronic disease Use survey data directly from prospective students in course design Employ competency-to-curriculum education design

15 A competency is… A set of applied skills and knowledge that enable people to perform work Association of Prevention Teaching and Research

16 TRAC Curriculum Evidence Base Competency-To-Curriculum Toolkit March 2008 Association of Prevention Teaching and Research

17 TRAC Curriculum Evidence Base Competency-to-Curriculum Chronic Disease Example 1. Select Competency Program planning 2. Define key terms Planning: identifying needs, establishing priorities, etc. 3. Define target audience Staff in program planning roles 4. Separate sub-competencies Use chronic disease data to understand problem 5. Develop learning objectives Describe role of planning in chronic disease programs 6. Select evaluation procedures Objective written test 7. Identify relevant content Chronic disease indicators 8. Plan learning experience Syllabus

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