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2 Essential Questions: How do we design and implement a cross-curriculum unit of work? How is subject integrity maintained? Why do it?

3 Resources Modelled process (booklet) for use when designing a unit of work School stories Sample curriculum mapping Other templates and information

4 Derived from: Best practice in NSW Government schools Suggestions from teachers and school leaders Recent academic opinion.

5 Context Middle Years Strategy 2006- 2009 “use the model of Connected Outcomes Groups (COGS) across Key Learning Areas to develop integrated, Middle Years’ units of work in primary and early secondary years to foster both student engagement and teacher collaboration”.

6 Primary COGs Makes programming manageable by connecting similar content, processes and skills Ensures a balanced coverage of all key learning areas. Teacher Student

7 Secondary COGs Aims to achieve connected deep learning experiences for students by bringing teachers together. Provides a suggested model to accomplish this Student Teacher

8 Secondary COGs- Modelled Process School identifies a need A connecting idea is chosen Articulate why this learning matters Choose target outcomes and/or skills Choose the common student task Decide on assessment strategies Plan teaching and learning Complete common task Reflection

9 The model in summary Subject teachers design a unit of work for approximately one term, for a chosen group of students.

10 A connecting idea links the different subjects together.

11 Teachers select and assess outcomes from their own syllabuses which are appropriate to the connecting idea.

12 Students are given a common task to complete over the term

13 The task encourages students to make deep connections within and between subjects.

14 Cross- curriculum elements can be added to the task, and therefore to the unit.

15 This is an opportunity for students to engage with significant cross- curriculum concepts, identified by the school.

16 Teachers collaboratively plan learning experiences to allow students to achieve the task

17 Teachers program individual subject content and assessment.

18 Teachers select appropriate syllabus outcomes, and maintain subject integrity

19 Students present and celebrate their achievements

20 Narrabeen, Elanora-Warriewood Community of schools  Climate Change Community across Stages, 3, 4 and 5.  Local focus on Narrabeen Lagoon and impact of climate change – long term development of skills and active citizenship.

21 Stage 3  Integrated Climate Change unit, including specific aspects of literacy and numeracy.  Students identify issues and problems and explore ways they can contribute to solutions for these.  E.g. Local audits of energy use.

22 Stage 4  Integrated Climate Change unit of work - Geography, Science, and Technology (mandatory).  Year 8  Students apply design principles within the context of climate change  Broad Learning outcomes targeted

23 Stage 5?  Continue development of broad learning outcomes  HSIE/Science/PDHPE/ Mathematics all have skill links which could be explored. Content links also.  What can be done in the local area? Coastal regeneration?

24 Student Volunteering Context  Important enough for large numbers of students to be doing – can be managed within the curriculum context.  Teachers can use the process to find links, and collaboratively discuss practicalities such as teaching and learning and assessment.

25 Underlying principles: Units of work will: reflect the Quality Teaching framework align curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment allow students to explore important issues

26 Success factors in schools: A clearly identified need Teacher ownership of the unit Time to collaborate meaningfully Energetic and consultative leadership Whole–school involvement in planning Common student task is challenging, engaging and extends over a sustained period of time Content and skills are drawn from syllabuses.

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