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Does reality TV have a place in ITT? Or I’m a trainee teacher get me out of here!

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1 Does reality TV have a place in ITT? Or I’m a trainee teacher get me out of here!

2 Introductions and contact information Jan Machalski Subject leader for Science Secondary PGCE and GTP at Bishop Grosseteste University College, Lincoln Jenny Dobbs Science mentor and ITT coordinator at Cherry Willingham Community School

3 Aims for the study – Does video conferencing influence the training of teachers? The transition of ITT trainees into school based environments Group cohesion in regard to lesson planning/AfL practice Application of theory into practice for trainees teachers

4 Activity 1 On your tables take 5 minutes to write on your post it notes… What are potential concerns you would have of adopting such an approach to working with ITT trainees?

5 Activity 1 – Responses Why not just use Teacher’s TV? Permissions - Who do you get them from? Capture and future use? Support for learning technologies. Finding a school to participate. Is the class being rewarded? How do you convey existing attainment? Restricting perceptions about an ideal lesson. Impact on class behaviour.

6 Activity 1 – Responses Focus for observation Technology??? Fire walling? Will video link work? Finding a staff member. Technical problems Impressionistic judgements. Resistance from head teachers. ITT team need to be supportive of the idea.

7 The technical bit……..

8 Planning the trial Trainees were given access about how to plan a lesson The lesson was delivered, meanwhile the trainees watched via the video link. Joint evaluation with the trainees and the teacher.

9 AfL On the second visit the trainees were given the task of jointly planning a lesson with an Afl focus. The process of delivery and evaluation was the same as the first lesson.

10 Activity 2. You have been given a set of cards to sort. Organise the cards into a priority order. Your design should indicate what might be the greatest advantages of adopting Video- conferencing learning strategy for ITT trainees Be prepared to defend your choices – take 15 minutes

11 Non-Invasive Allows a library of practice to built up Permits observation to be done remotely (Logistics) Allows group discussion between ITT students to occur Allows students to model best practice Builds up observation skills Students can observe practitioners put theory into practice Allows aspects of the lesson to reviewed in detail Students can watch the lesson more than once

12 Achieving the standards Q6 – Have a commitment to collaborative learning. Q7 – Reflect on and improve their practice. Q10 – Have a knowledge and understanding of a range of teaching, learning and behaviour management strategies…….. Q17 – Know how to use skills in literacy….

13 Q23 – Design opportunities for learners to develop their literacy and numeracy. Q28 – Support and guide learners to reflect on their learning…… Q29 – Evaluate the impact of teaching on the progress of all learners…. Q32 – Work as a team member.. Achieving the standards

14 Quotes from the trainees… “It allowed me to have an insight into how to deliver a structured lesson” “With the Afl lesson it linked theory to practice in a realistic way” “It allowed me to realise the need for 360 o vision!” “It gave me experience of being in a classroom, without actually being there”

15 Emergent thoughts from the trainees For some participants on the course this was one of their first experiences of observing a classroom teacher and therefore was highly useful… it could be done without the worry of getting involved in the classroom. Overall it was a very valuable and memorable experience.

16 Useful Literature “A more positive experience of teaching practice with regular video conferencing between trainees” Hu,C.& Wong,A. (2006) Video Conferencing by student teachers: Does it make a difference? New Horizons in Education. 42-46. “Effectiveness of using video conferencing for trainee supervision” Garrett,J. & Dudt,K. (1998) Using video conferencing to supervise student teachers. Society for IT and Teacher Education International Conference. 1-7.

17 Useful Literature “Subject knowledge enhancement using video conferencing” Coyle,D (2004) Redefining Classroom boundaries: Learning to teach using new technologies. Canadian Journal of Education Administration and Policy. Issue 32 2-16. “The article explores issues for developing primary teacher trainee mathematics subject knowledge from a tutor perspective, and ways of working together in an e-environment that can promote quality learning”. Burgess,H. Shelton Mayes,A. (December 2003) Tutoring primary trainee teachers through E-conferencing. Mentoring and Tutoring.. Vol. 11. Issue: 3 285-305.

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