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Your Career in Hospitality

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1 Your Career in Hospitality
Hotel Management Hospitality Services R. McCann

2 How long ‘til I retire? Most individuals work an average of 43 yrs before retiring! = 65 yr. old Be PREPARED!!

3 Word Wall Ethics – morals , guiding principles
Good Work Ethic – honest and hardworking for your pay, have pride in your work Integrity – honest w/strong morals, doing the right thing Positive attitude – happy, confident Professionalism – show respect & do your work Skills – ability that comes from training & practice

4 Work Excellence means performing your job extremely well, with skills.
You need both a good work ethic and work excellence to succeed at work. If you have a great work ethic but are incompetent….. If you are incredibly productive but steal from your employer ……

5 Question You have recently opened your own business and are in the process of hiring twenty new employees. What workplace ethics are important to you and the success of your business? List your top 5, then rank from #1 important to #5

6 2nd Question You have recently opened your own business and are in the process of hiring twenty new employees. What workplace skills are important to you and the success of your business? List your top 5; then rank them from #1 important to # 5

7 Discussion Compare your two lists with the lists of your neighbors, add their good ideas to your list. As a class let us create a top 10 list for both ethics and skills. Now lets rank them # 1 - # 10

8 Work Place Ethics Quiz At this time number a piece of paper 1 – 15.
You will answer the following questions with A for always S for sometimes N for never

9 Scoring Your Quiz Give yourself 2 points for each answer marked with A and one point for each answer marked with S. Add up your total points. If you scored 25 or more, you have good workplace ethics If you scored 20 – 24, you have workplace potential; If you scored 15 – 19, you have a good start If you scored 18 or less you need to work on your workplace ethics

10 Required Foundation Skills
The U.S. Dept. of Labor has identified these three critical skill areas for job seekers entering the work place: Basic skills Thinking skills Personal Qualities

11 Basic Skills Reading Writing Mathematics Speaking Listening

12 Thinking Skills Creativity Decision making Problem solving Reasoning

13 Personal Qualities Responsibility *Organized
Self Esteem *Tolerant/patient Self-management *Decision Maker Social poise/confidence Integrity Team player Enthusiasm/Motivation Honesty

14 Workplace Competencies
Skills that workers need to be successful on the job. Not every worker needs every competency but every business must have every competency covered.

15 Hospitality Industry Workplace Competencies
Guest service skills Communication skills – listening, speaking, telephone, reading, writing, non-verbal communication Sales skills Technical skills Strong work ethic/leadership/maturity Time Management Pleasing personal appearance

16 Hospitality Etiquette
“We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen” What we say The words we speak Eliminate slang Learn guests names Avoid unnecessary chit chat around guests

17 Appropriate comments “Good Morning, sir, how are you today? How may I help you?” Never end a conversation with a guest by saying “You are welcome” always end with “Thank you” they are spending their money at your hotel. “Mr. Jones, I apologize that you experience a problem with _____ and I will make sure my manager is aware so the problem can be addressed. I do hope you enjoyed the other services of the hotel.”

18 Forbidden Phrases “We can’t do that.” “I don’t know” “You’ll have to”
“Hang on a second, Ill be right back” “No”

19 Hospitality Industry Advantages
World-wide opportunities College degree is not needed to advance Promotions and salary are based on your work and competency Training opportunities abound Perks- free or discounted meals, travel, accommodations Everyday is new and different! People oriented! Flexible schedules

20 Hospitality Industry Disadvantages
The industry can be very demanding & stressful 24/7/365 Employees work while others play! LOL Sometimes the hours are long and the shifts vary Relocation might be necessary

21 What Really Matters? Ability to communicate appropriately
Positive attitude, poise, confidence Assertiveness, enthusiasm Successful work history (paid or unpaid) Professional appearance Educational qualifications A team player, organized, diplomatic “eye on the bottom line”, high standards

22 Triple Twos! Use this time to reflect on your life. As you begin your search for a job/career, create a list using the format below: 2 things you should stop doing 2 things you should start doing 2 things you should keep on doing

23 E-mail the Teacher You are to compose and send an email to:
The subject line should be something related to this unit of study or job seeking There should be a formal greeting and closure The body should contain a minimum of 5 complete sentences or thoughts you have learned during this course that will help your get your Hotel Job.

24 Steps to Getting a Job Research Compile a Portfolio Draft a Resume
Apply for jobs Interview Follow-up

25 Research the Market Newspaper ads Trade publications Referral services
Face-to-face contact Networking

26 Research the Market-the Internet
Hospitalty.Net360 Hcareers Simplyhired Monster Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Careerbuilder Juju Indeed

27 Compile a Portfolio** You should begin to collect Portfolio items during high school and continue throughout your career. It contains: letters of reference, examples of your work/projects, a resume, a list of your work history, certificates, awards, evaluations, your grades/attendance records

28 Clean Up Your Web Presence
94% of Human Resources Dept.s and Recruiters search social networks Recruiters react negatively when: 47% of see pictures of alcohol consumption 51% references to guns 61% spelling and grammar errors 65% reacted poorly to profanity

29 Resume & Cover Letter Resume explains what job you are seeking and your qualifications Cover Letter explains why you want a particular job with a particular company/business

30 The Resume** A brief summary of personal information, skills, work experience, education, activities, interests, and goals Introduces the job seeker to the potential employer It may be the first impression an employer has of an applicant

31 Building a Resume Contact information Objective Skills summary Work experience Educational summary Other relevant information

32 Job Applications Complete each section of the application legibly, neatly and carefully Be prepared to submit copies of your legal documents: birth certificate, proof of age, proof of citizenship, copy of educational records

33 Job Application At this time you are to complete the application provided. Employment desired section – state the Hotel Industry Job you selected

34 Elevator Speech A brief summary that you use to quickly describe yourself when you meet someone who could potentially become an important person in your life. The length of an elevator ride, 30 seconds to 2 minutes Creates and Impact, leaves an impression

35 Create Your Elevator Speech
Write a brief Elevator Speech by answering the following questions in any order What do you do? What do you plan to do? What are your passions? What is your greatest asset? What does your future look like? What do you have to personally offer?

36 Interview Six types of interviews Informational interview
Mock interview Telephone/Skype interview Group interview Panel interview Traditional interview Behavior Based Interviews

37 Mock Interview Usually held at Career Services office of universities or employment agencies Usually recorded so you can see how you look and actual in an interview Provides valuable feedback to improve your interview skills

38 Phone Interview Smile! It alters the tone of your voice
Stand up! You will sound more energetic and Confident Speak slow and speak confidently Use the interviewers name Do not ramble Say thank you!

39 SKYPE Interviews Before the call charge your phone battery
Eliminate background noise, extra people, pets Turn off “Call waiting” Print a copy of your resume for during the interview Compile a list of your strengths and weaknesses to refer to during the interview Keep a pen and paper for notetaking

40 Behavior Based Interview
Applicant is asked to describe specific situations where they exhibited a specific behavior. Ex. “tell me about a time when…” Derive examples from coursework, group projects, work experiences, internships/coops, student organization activities

41 Behavior Based Questions
Tell me about a situation where you worked on a project as a part of team, what were the results? Give an example of when you have gone above and beyond to get a job done Describe a time when you came up with an innovation solution Describe a time when something you were involved in did not turn out as you planned

42 S.T.A.R. STAR, Situation, Task, Action and Result
Describe a specific SITUATION or event What major TASKS were you responsible for? Describe ACTIONS you took Describe the outcome of your actions, the RESULTS, describe what you accomplished and learned

43 Interview Skills Be early for the interview Dress professionally
No gum, overdone makeup, cologne/perfume Firm handshake and eye contact, mind your body language! Speak audibly, clearly and SMILE

44 First Impressions Interviews start with “small talk” during which you are judged by your appearance, personality, non-verbal actions and initial responses

45 Handshakes Dead fish Bone crusher Finger-only Sandwich Pumper
Firm – dry hand, eye contact, use the person’s name, shake 2 – 3 times and release (do not pull away!)

46 Body Language Be aware of what you are saying with your face!
Posture can convey enthusiasm or lack of interest “You are what you wear!” (Appropriate, attractive, assured) Haptics- use of the sense of touch, a firm handshake conveys friendliness, familiarity and interest

47 Non-Verbal Communication
Do stand or sit erect and look attentive Always appear patient and willing to listen Always look directly at the person Always project a friendly, concerned, and respectful attitude SMILE, smile, SMILE, smile

48 Potential Interview Questions
Google search: Interview questions + <name of company> to find sample questions for a specific company

49 Potential Interview Questions
At this time you are to answer the questions on the Job Interview Questions worksheet. Use concrete, specific examples that are concise

50 Conclusion of the interview
What type of orientation do new employees receive What would I be expected to accomplish in the first six months on the job? First year? Whom would I work for and what level of management are they? Is there a training program? What are some of the company’s/department’s ongoing projects

51 Conclusion of the Interview
Make sure to “Close the Sale” Rehearse your closing ahead of time to make it appear natural and confident Highlight your key strengths and the contributions you could make to the company Ask what is the next step in the interview process Ask for a timeline of when the final decision will be made

52 Ask for the interviewer’s business card and express your interest in the position and the company
Be enthusiastic and confident Shake the interviewer’s hand and thank him for the opportunity to discuss the position

53 Post Interview Most employers will complete an evaluation form for each job applicant after the interview. It is IMPORTANT for you to evaluate your performance and FOLLOW UP with the employer via telephone or handwritten thank you note

54 Follow Up Note At this time you are to use the paper provided and write a follow up thank you note for the interview you just had with me. Parts of the note must include: Formal greeting Body with minimum of 5 sentences Expression of thanks Closure

55 Top 5 Interview Mistakes
#1 Not dressing appropriately #2 Failing to set yourself apart from other candidates #3 Inadequately researching the position or company #4 Not asking questions #5 Not sending a thank you note after the interview

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