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Hospitality Careers Day 2010. Aims for this afternoon Consolidate what the employers spoke of this morning so you will be able to face each stage of the.

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1 Hospitality Careers Day 2010

2 Aims for this afternoon Consolidate what the employers spoke of this morning so you will be able to face each stage of the recruitment process with confidence Plan: Skills (competencies) What do employers mean? How can you show you have what it takes? Applications CV check Application forms Interview practice

3 Aims for this afternoon 'Assessment centre' style Group work and presentations Intensive afternoon! Stamina required Chance to practise Action plan for your next steps Mentors available for help and advice

4 SKILLS (Competencies) What do employers want? What do they mean? What evidence can you present as proof you have what they want?

5 SKILLS (Competencies) Example: Project Management Definition: Ability to manage a complex project from start to finish within the set time and resources Description of the behaviours: Focus on the goal and deadline Identify interim tasks and deadlines Allocate resources, delegate Prioritise, plan and schedule Review and adapt plan as necessary Budget, negotiate Example

6 SKILLS (Competencies) Providing evidence of skills: STAR stories: Situation Task Actions Result

7 SKILLS: Group Task 1 Group work and presentation 3 minute presentations (Time keeper?) Definition of a skill Description of the behaviours characteristic of the skill Example(s) 20 mins to prepare 1 mentor per group (can use their help for first 10 mins only) Presentations and feedback

8 SKILLS: Presentations Communication Team work Project management Planning and organisation Customer service Problem solving ?

9 Feedback Presentations Groups Mentors Group work Groups Mentors

10 Summary – Presentations Be involved Use resources (handouts) Structure Posture Eye contact Smile Pace and volume Rehearse

11 Summary – Group Work Read and understand the instructions Be task focused Timing Allocate roles Listen Express your ideas clearly Interpersonal skills; diplomacy? leadership? Body language Contribute to discussions Join in – however 'mad' the task! You are being observed!

12 Summary - SKILLS Research what employers want Understand what they mean Collect your evidence Present your evidence confidently Situation Task Action Result STAR approach useful for applications (WRITE), interviews (TALK) and at assessment centres (SHOW)


14 CVs & Applications CV checks with mentors 10 minutes 1-1 Feedback on your CV – suggestions for improvement Those without CVs, can sit in with friends? Time out –Application forms –Skill audit books

15 CVs & Applications: Feedback CV feedback general comments Students Mentors

16 CVs & Applications: Top Tips Focused to job description/role USPs Include your skills, experience and achievements! Be specific, not general answers Don't assume they know - provide information Structure answers (STAR) CVs 2 sides max (not one and a bit!) Grammar, punctuation matter - Not txt tlk! Spell check and proof read Colour of paper Font style and size ( be professional – and considerate ) Photos? Equal Opps: Disclosure of disability, age Keep a copy

17 Covering Letters Addresses – professional layout, date Dear... Name (or Sir/Madam) Why you are writing Why you are suited Knowledge, skills, experience – highlights of CV Why that company Show your focus and research! Closing paragraph - what next Yours sincerely (name) or Yours faithfully (Sir/Madam)

18 CVs & Applications: Top Tips Resources Booklets, resources in Careers (level 5 Owen) Careers Central Careers Central site Looking Good on Paper Your Job's on line (DVD in Careers) Careers advisers available each day


20 Take a Break AGCAS Making an Impact DVD AGCAS Making an Impact

21 Interviews An opportunity to meet you! Impressed with your application One or more people interviewing you Human resources / line manager Questions to establish your suitability for job Competency based questions Situation Chance for you to find out more – questions for them

22 Interviews Interview trios

23 Interviews - Feedback General comments? Students Mentors

24 Interviews - Summary Opportunity to talk about your experiences, skills and achievements... Prepare your STAR answers: Situation Task Actions Result

25 Interviews – Summary Prepare for typical questions: Why you are interested in the job Why you want the company Why you are suited to the role Keep focused to the assessment criteria - research the job! Prepare your answers: Can't prepare for all the possible questions… You CAN prepare to talk about your experience Give specific examples – not hypothetical /general statements Have an 'agenda' Prepare for the unexpected? Smile, be friendly, enthusiastic, courteous, firm handshake? Prepare questions for them

26 Questions?... and Resources Careers Central Careers Central site AGCAS booklet Going for InterviewsGoing for Interviews AGCAS Videos/DVDs (in careers or via library catalogue)via library catalogue Make an Impact at Interviews (4 different videos including telephone interviews, 2007) Why ask me that (22 minutes, 1998) Assessment Centre (28 minutes, 2000) Selection Success in One (2004) Key Skills Online: see shuspace (support and info tab) Aptitude test sites – links from CES shuspace Interviewer package Practise with friends and family

27 Action Planning Next Steps Action Planning SMART targets (Specific, Measurable, Realistic, Achievable, Time-frame)

28 Evaluation Hope you have found today useful Evaluation form Good luck – wishing you every success for the future! Vote of thanks to all involved

29 Keep in touch Contact us: Owen Building Level 5, City Campus, HOTC, Collegiate Campus –Telephone: 0114 225 3813 –Email: –CES shuspace pages > support and information tab>Careers

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