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New Web of Science Rachel Mangan Customer Education

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1 New Web of Science Rachel Mangan Customer Education

2 Content 2 Re-design of interface (slide 3)
Retiring of Web of Knowledge branding name for platform (slide 4) Web of Science today renamed ‘Web of Science Core Collection’ (slide 4) Web of Science Database selection (slide 5) Web of Science Core Collection search interface (slide 6) Support from Thomson Reuters (slide 7) WOS CC Summary Results (slide 8) Refine results by Open Access Journals (slide 9) WOS CC Full Record- Journal Information overlay (slide 10) WOS CC Full Record- launch article key word search and link to Google Scholar (slide 11) Search using article Key words (slide12) Partnership with Google Scholar- reciprocal links between GS and WOS (slide13) Citing article Score Card (slide14) Additional Performance Information (JCR and ESI) (slide 15) WOS CC additional search interfaces (Advances, Author Search, Cited Reference) (slide 16) Personalisation in Web of Science (slide 17) SciELO Citation Index (slides ) Discuss branding here? 2 2

3 Old v New 3

4 Web of Science- the new name for Web of Knowledge

5 Web of Science database selection
JCR and ESI launch from products menu Select your database from the drop down menu 5

6 Web of Science Core Collection- the traditional WOS Citation Indexes
Simplified search interface- one initial search box WOS search types WOS basic search fields View here the citation indexes and database years included in your subscription 6

7 Support from Thomson Reuters

8 WOS CC Results Page Re-order your results
Your search strategy and results display here Citation information on right hand side Standardised button for Full Text/library holdings 8

9 Refine by Open Access Journals
Refine by Open Access (Journals registered in Directory of Open Access) Export options 9 9

10 WOS CCC Full Record Citation information grouped on right side
Journal Information from JCR All subscribers see Quartile in Category (based on ranking of journals using the Impact Factor Record origin displays Author identifiers (RID/ ORCID) 10

11 Click on ‘Back to List’ to return to the Results Page
WOS CC Full Record Reciprocal link to Google Scholar Launch a topic search using the author keywords or keywords plus 11

12 Search using article Key Words

13 Partnership with Google Scholar
View record in Google Scholar with link to Full Text (subscription required) Click on Times Cited number to view the WOS Citing Articles. The user must be within institution IP range 13

14 Citing Article Score Card
The Score Card displays the number of citing articles from each Citation Source. The Citation Score card is for all subscribers. Access to the Citing Articles is dependant on your subscription 14

15 Additional Performance Information
Access additional performance data (subscription required) 15

16 WOS CC Additional Search Interfaces
New look-same functionality 16

17 Personalisation Sign in or Register to access Endnote online, save queries, set up query alerts and citation alerts and access your RID profile 17

18 SciELO Citation Index Introduction to SciELO Citation Index (slide 19-24) Searching SciELO in Web of Science (slide 25) SciELO search interface (slide 26) SciELO Summary Results (slide 27) SciELO Full Record (slide 28) SciELO Advanced Search (slide 29) SciELO Citation Report (slide 30) Limit All Database search to SciELO results (slides 31 &32) 18

19 SciELO Citation Index SciELO 19

20 SciELO Citation Index SciELO ,Scientific Electronic Library Online, is a program of the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) for the cooperative publishing of open access journals on the internet. Supported by the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico) and in partnership with the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information. Especially conceived to meet the scientific communication needs of developing countries, particularly Latin America and the Caribbean countries. It provides an efficient way to assure universal control and accessibility to their scientific literature. All content is Open Access. 20 20

21 SciELO Citation Index SciELO publishing countries include: Argentina
Brazil Chile Columbia Costa Rica Cuba Spain Mexico Portugal South Africa Venezuela 21 21

22 SciELO Citation Index SciELO Subject Categories Agricultural Sciences
Applied Social Sciences Biological Sciences Engineering Exact and Earth Sciences Health Sciences Human Sciences Linguistics, Letters and Arts Mathematics Physics Social Sciences 22 22

23 SciELO Citation Index SciELO maintains their own indexing standards that are different from Web of Science. SciELO Indexing Criteria is based on: Scientific content Peer Review Editorial Board Frequency Lifetime (must have published at least 4 issues) Timeliness Article titles, abstracts and keywords in English Standardization Author affiliation Only titles from SciELO certified collections that are active, publishing on time, and with appropriate XML files will be included in the SciELO Citation Index on Web of Science. Journals indexed in SciELO are not automatically evaluated for inclusion in the Web of Science. 23 23

24 SciELO Citation Index Coverage
Approximately 650 titles in SciELO Citation Index at launch. Includes over 6 million Cited References. 214 journals overlap with Web of Science Core Collection. 298 journals overlap with Web of Science. Over 350 new titles added to content covered by Web of Science. All titles are open access with links to full-text at SciELO site. Same core feature set as other Web of Science citation indexes. The SciELO Citation Index content will be updated on a weekly basis as data feeds are delivered from SciELO Brazil to Thomson Reuters. 24 24

25 SciELO on Web of Science
Select SciELO from database list 25

26 Search SciELO Enter query in English, Spanish or Portuguese
Change interface language to Spanish or Portuguese SciELO search fields 26

27 SciELO Summary Results
English and native language title displays Refine results by SciELO fields 27

28 SciELO Record English and native language for title, abstract and author key words 28

29 SciELO Advanced Search
SciELO Advanced Search fields 29

30 SciELO Citation Report

31 Initiate your search in All Databases

32 Limit results to SciELO Citation Index

33 Thank you! Rachel Mangan Customer Education
More information 33

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