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Careers at the University of Glasgow Mr. Stephen Shilton, Careers Adviser University Careers Service.

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1 Careers at the University of Glasgow Mr. Stephen Shilton, Careers Adviser University Careers Service

2 Graduate labour market How will GU help its students/graduates? How the Careers Service will help Contents

3 YearEntered Employment Further Study Employment & Study Not Availabl e Seeking Employme nt Glasgow Graduates 2006 – 2011 (%)

4 aIn employment63% bFurther study16% cEmployment and study8% dNot available for employment, study or training4% eSeeking employment, study or training9% 55% 26% 10% 3% 6% GUUK GU v UK 2011 Due to rounding, sum may not be exactly 100%

5 60% Class of degree important Huge range of opportunities A degree is not enough! Get involved! Graduate Labour Market

6 1.Willingness to learn 2.Commitment 3.Dependability/reliability 4.Self-motivation 5.Team work 6.Communication skills (oral) 7.Co-operation 8.Communication skills (written) 9.Drive/energy 10.Self-management 11.Desire to achieve 12.Problem-solving 13.Analytical ability 14.Flexibility 15.Initiative 16.Can summarise key issues 17.Logical argument 18.Adaptability (intellectual) 19.Numeracy 20.Adaptability (organisational) 21.Can cope with pressure/stress 22.Time management 23.Rapid conceptualisation of issues 24.Enquiry and research skills 25.Self-confidence Employers Top 25 Attributes

7 Graduate Attributes Subject Specialists Investigative Independent & Critical Thinkers Effective Communicators Resourceful & Responsible Confident Experienced Collaborators Ethically & Socially Aware Reflective Learners Adaptable

8 Researching & Writing Essays Subject Specialist Effective written communication Critical thinking

9 Part-time job Effective Communication – oral Ethically & socially aware Adaptable

10 Helps students realise they are developing skills Gives opportunities to develop them Helps students Career Planning Helps students to articulate! GU – Employability Strategy

11 Get Involved! During studies Work experience Voluntary work Join clubs and societies Develop your interests

12 Work Experience Nearly 2/3 recruiters warn: graduates who have had no work experience at all are unlikely to be successful during the selection process and have little or no chance of receiving a job offer for their organisations graduate programmes. High Fliers Report 2011

13 Business Analyst with Melville Craig Celtic Studies

14 Production Manager with J & J Hastie Bakers European Civilisation

15 Actuary with Hymans Robertson Aeronautical Engineering

16 Journalist with Beirut Daily Star Politics / Sociology

17 Tax Inspector with Inland Revenue Sociology

18 Production Assistant with IWC Media English Literature / Film and TV

19 Careers Adviser Applied Maths / Statistics

20 Investment Analyst with Royal Bank of Scotland Applied Maths / Statistics

21 Pilot with EasyJet Aeronautical Engineering

22 Assistant Sports Scientist with Hamilton Academical FC Physiology and Sports Science

23 Ecological Consultant with Envirocentre Zoology

24 Social Worker with TACT, Ayrshire Zoology

25 On-line Vacancy Service for term-time and summer work. Prospects Career Planner, a computerised guidance system. Appointments to see a Careers Adviser. Employer events – eg Internship Fair. Careers Service Help: Years 1-3

26 Still unsure? Meet with a Careers Adviser. Attend Seminars on CVs, interviews, etc. Meet Employers at their presentations on campus. Attend The Spring Graduate Fair in Scotland Careers Service Help: Year 4

27 Questions? Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the careers service.

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