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1 pH

2 What is pH? pH measures the amount of H+’s in a solution
Water splits to form ions H+ and OH- H+ H+ H+ H+ H+ H+


4 Acid <7 on pH scale Higher concentration of H+ in solution than OH-
Properties Sour taste Ability to turn litmus paper from blue to red Proton donor More acidic Less acidic

5 Basic/Alkaline >7 on pH scale More OH-, Less H+ Properties Slippery
Bitter Proton recipient Alkaline Less Alkaline

6 Neutral pH of 7 Water! Balance of H+ and OH- ions

7 Interpreting the pH Scale
Each decrease in number (more acidic) represents a 10x increase in the number of H+ ions

8 Testing pH Indicator: Chemical that changes color Litmus Test pH Paper
Test to determine pH Litmus Test Positive Acid Test: Turn blue litmus paper to red Positive Alkaline Test: Turn red litmus paper to blue pH Paper Changes color Match color to key to determine the pH

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