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By: Jake RussellPrincipals of Info. Tech.3 rd period.

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1 By: Jake RussellPrincipals of Info. Tech.3 rd period

2 What do Multimedia Artists/Animators do?  They do things from creating animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games, to other medial.  Also, they create two and three dimensional models and animations.

3  They often work for the motion picture and video industry, but others can work from a home office.

4  To be a multimedia artist/animator, you need to be very creative. You have to have a very big imagination to make original digital effects,2D and 3D models, and animations.  Under 40% that didn’t get their bachelor’s degree made it in the industry  Employment change from 2010-2020 is 5,500

5  To do this career, you often need:  A Bachelor’s degree in animation arts, and other training.  You also need personal qualities such as artistic talent, creativity, people skills, and physical stamina for long work hours.  Need good personal judgement

6  Employment expected to grow 8% through 2020  Reason of growth is demand for new animation games and movies  People often start out as software publishers, then work their way to the top to the movie/video game business

7  Competition will grow because more people are becoming interested in the job  Growth will be limited due to work animation work being sent to other countries with different technology

8  Average Annual wage for a multimedia artist is about $58.5K  Highest paid animators are in the motion picture and video industry

9 After learning about this career’s qualifications, I probably wouldn’t want to go into this career field or job. Although I would be willing to get a bachelor’s degree, and I do have people skills, I have no artistic skills (I can’t draw to save my life.)

10   design/multimedia-artists-and- animators.htm design/multimedia-artists-and- animators.htm 

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