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Career Preparation Project Name xxxxxxxxxxxx Fetac Module 3N0896...................................

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1 Career Preparation Project Name xxxxxxxxxxxx Fetac Module 3N0896...................................

2 Project Select a suitable career to research Present a project folder Give class presentation on career Do recorded interview on career

3 Contents of Career folder 1 Principles of Career Preparation 2 Different Types of Work 3 Local and Foreign work opportunities 4 Local Training and Education Programs 5 Personal Profile 6 Personal Qualities for Workplace 7 Work Interactions 8 Life long Learning 9 Work Preparation

4 1. Concept of Career Planning 1 Concept of Career of Preparation Prep for a particular occupation, interests, aptitudes, personality, psychometric tests Cognitive ability tests requires training, study to qualify

5 Principles of Work 1 Concept of Work The mental or physical activities for an occupation teaching, learning, Mental welding, driving, roofing physical Show evidence of each learning outcome

6 1. Concept of Career used to be for life, changing concept now, people have many diff careers today, changing expectations, work environment, today 7/8 careers Concept of Planning look at present, JC results, LC subjects What do I want in a career? Goals, ambitions,

7 2. Types of Work 2. paid employment, self-employment, voluntary work, Work in the home, Work on a scheme, Back to work, permanent work, contract work, pensionable work, temporary work, casual work, job sharing, flexie work, work at home, 2. Devise questionnaire to find out about 4 diff types of work,

8 Sample Questionnaire What kind of work do you do? What is the training/study required? What characteristics are required? What is rewarding about the work? What are the dis-advantages? Design own questionnaire, show evidence

9 Sample Questionnaire Questionnaire for Careers project Information only for this purpose First Name................ Occupation........ 1 What kind of work do you do? Indoor Outdoor, Mental, Physical 2 What study is required? 3yr 4yr H Dip

10 Sample Questionnaire What traits or qualities are best for this work? I.E.. Patience Endurance Maths ability Creative What is good about your work?

11 Sample Questionnaire Holidays Promotion Variety Pay Flexible Challenging

12 Sample Questionnaire What are the Dis-advantages of this work? Long hours Low pay Travel Routine What are the promotion prospects

13 Sample Questionnaire What are the promotion prospects? Is it permanent, Pensionable? Any opportunities to travel abroad? Any ways to change course within career?

14 3. Foreign Work opportunities Australia, Canada, Asia, Dubai, England, America, Germany Europass, Work visa requirements Show evidence of enquiry! Emigration supports

15 3. Local Work Opportunities List sources of information, i.e. local newspapers, local shops/supermarkets, local radio, times of announcements, employment agencies, Solas, networking, personal approach, Evaluate sources, advantages and dis- advantages of each, Compile list of local work places and vacancies, personal contacts,

16 3. Work Opportunities in Locality Using Career service List work places in locality List vacant positions and what type of work Potential of a vacancy

17 4. Local Training and Education Programmes Local Programmes Access routes Certification offered Progression possibilities

18 4. Select training/education programme Select a training programme Outline its aims, duration, entry requirements, enrolment, certification, awarding body, progression, access issues - childcare - disability

19 5. Personal Profile, Planning Personal profile, Reach material, personal qualities, goal setting, personal strengths and weakness, aptitudes, skills, personality, SDS, List 3 areas of employment that match your profile

20 6. Ideal Employer,Employee Qualities List 5 preferred qualities for employer List 5 preferred qualities for employee

21 7. Work place interactions Initiating and maintaining conversation Listening skills Following instructions Clarifying instructions Assertiveness skills Personal care

22 8. Work Changes Outline possible changes during working life, 1. new position 2. Becoming unemployed Coping mechanisms, 1. new position 2. Becoming unemployed access support, vol work, routine

23 9. Work Preparation C.V. Letter of Application Complete work application form Recorded Interview Evaluation of interview

24 Recorded Interview Min 6 interview questions answered 2 questions for interviewer Marked on dress code Communication style Engagement Presentation Feedback given and included in project

25 Collection of Work Includes, worksheets, diagrams, questionnaire, video, audio, goggle searches, aptitude test print outs, CV, Letter of Application,

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