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International Resumes and Coverletters Erica “EB” Baumer, MS & Ben Sousa Letters & Science Career Services 1305 Linden Drive, Suite 205 608-262-3921

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1 International Resumes and Coverletters Erica “EB” Baumer, MS & Ben Sousa Letters & Science Career Services 1305 Linden Drive, Suite 205 608-262-3921

2 A Typical Resume Brief - usually one page for recent graduates Selective – picking only the details you want the employer to consider

3 An International CV Comprehensive – at least two pages, even for recent graduates Inclusive – detailing clearly everything you have done

4 Employers abroad… do not often use the term “resume” (sometimes in Latin America) will expect a CV of at least two pages from recent graduates want to know more about you than just your skills

5 Personal Information Employers abroad will consider personal factors (e.g. age, marital status, interests) when evaluating whether or not to hire you. NO ADA Who you are, status and your family matters. In the general, the culture of the USA this is not true. Adjust.

6 Like a resume… Your international CV should include: Your contact information Higher education experiences Work experiences Skills and proficiencies in languages, computers, and other technical areas “References available upon request”

7 Unlike a resume… Your International CV should: Be complete rather than brief List experiences in chronological order (not reverse chronological like resumes) Be printed on A4 size paper (the standard size outside of North America) List place and date of birth, marital status, citizenship and passport number Include a photo of you (not vital, but expected)

8 A4 Size Paper The standard paper outside of North America (like our 8.5” x 11”) Most office supply stores do not carry it You can purchase it online: o Empire Imports o NexTag

9 Photo Passport sized photo Pose in professional manner Attach to the top left of the first page of your CV

10 Common Sections in a CV Photo Contact Information Personal Data Education Experience Skills Interests

11 You can do this research x x Come to our office to sign up so that you can use it for free. Argentina, Austria, Austrialia, Beligum, Brazil,Canada,China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong…etc.

12 International Cover Letters… are no more than one page long are not as in-depth as North American cover letters are based on a 4-paragraph standard model are more of an expression of interest in the position and not a writing sample

13 The 4-paragraph model… Paragraph 1 --as used in Spain State why you are writing and where you heard about the opening (from a newspaper ad, your school's career center, or somewhere else) If you know the company, this is the moment to show it, with a few lines

14 The 4-paragraph model… Paragraph 2 Give your reasons for your interest in the job Emphasize your qualities that best fit the position Explain how the company can benefit from hiring you

15 The 4-paragraph model… Paragraph 3 Express interest in having an interview and state your availability

16 The 4-paragraph model… Paragraph 4 “I eagerly look forward to hearing from you” “Con la certeza de recibir pronto noticias suyas” If you wish, you can say that you will call the person in the next couple of weeks as a follow up Sign and provide your contact information

17 Which language do you use? When responding to job listings in another country, your materials should be written in the same language as the job listing Job listing is written in English = English CV and Cover Letter Job listing is written in Spanish = Spanish CV and Cover Letter

18 Which gets to THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT OF ALL …  Read the job listing as carefully as possible and try to respond in the way the employer wants See if you can find people who have worked there before Try any way to gather more information about what that employer is looking for This is true for any job application anywhere

19 Tips for finding a job abroad Visit first! Visiting first allows you to decide where you want to live and gauge the local job market. Ideally you would be able to secure a place to live before moving. This will make the entire experience much less stressful.

20 Tips for finding a job abroad Additional benefits to visiting first… You can visit places you think you’d like to work and make connections that potentially lead to employment. If you are hired before moving, you can apply for a work visa while still in the U.S., which is likely to be much quicker and easier.

21 Tips for finding a job abroad Save money! There’s no guarantee that you will get a job quickly, and it’s almost certain that unexpected costs will come along. Your goal should be to save enough money that you can live for up to 6 months without steady income.

22 If you want to teach English… It’s strongly recommended that you first complete a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course. Most employers of foreign-born English teachers will want you to have completed a TEFL course.

23 If you want to teach English… TEFL courses usually last about 4 weeks and can be found in almost every country: o o o

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