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Ancient ChinA.

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1 Ancient ChinA

2 Standard Key Concept 1.3 Early Societies
SSWH2c-Describe the development of Chinese civilization under the Zhou and Qin.

3 ANCIENT CHINA Great Wall Mandate of Heaven Dynasties Silk astronomy

4 Geography Early Chinese will settle near the Yellow and Yangzi Rivers
Eastern China can be split: Northern Southern Yellow River Valley Dry, cold climate Loess soil Suitable for growing millet Yangzi Valley Plentiful rainfall, relatively warm Rainy, suitable for cultivating rice

5 China

6 Yellow River Civilization
Earliest Civilization forms around the Yellow River (Huang He) Also known as river of sorrow

7 The first known dynasty of China was the
Shang dynasty. This dynasty united the people living around the Huang He and Yangtze river valleys.

8 Shang Period (1750-1045BCE) Develop China’s first writing system
Belief in Supreme God, that could only be reached through ancestors The Shang elite was a warrior aristocracy Used bronze weapons and rode on horse-drawn chariots

9 Oracle Bones from Shang
Two important aspects of Chinese society & religion: ancestor worship + fortune-telling

10 10

11 Zhou Dynasty Zhou rulers claimed the divine right to rule or the Mandate of Heaven. Beginnings of Feudalism Design capital city to follow feng shui Government: a new class of educated men became bureaucrats and recorded data and offered advice to the rulers

12 Zhou Dynasty Innovations: -built roads and canals
-coined money / helped trade -furnaces produced cast iron -advancements in agriculture

13 Zhou Dynasty Development of the concept of private property, including privately owned land. Saw the development of the three-generational family Women were subordinate to men in this patriarchal society.

14 Qin Dynasty Ruler a Legalist (uses punishment to maintain order) ideas to subdue the warring states and unify his country. He established an autocracy (government with unlimited power).

15 Great Wall of China Built by Shi Huangdi to keep the Mongols out

16 Economic: Chinese invented silk
Silk was exotic and expensive, so it was good for trading with the rest of the world. It is made from silk worms. Silk also makes “paper” 16

17 Silk worm 17

18 Making Silk Silk making

19 Chinese pyramids!!!! 19

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