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Constructing a revision timetable. REVSION NEEDS TO START NOW!!!

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1 Constructing a revision timetable


3 Things to consider This is a critical time in your life! Possibly with HUGE implications for your future! You must be prepared to make some sacrifices to make sure that you do the very best that you can!

4 Revision timetable pointers Be specific: don’t just write in ‘maths’ – write in ‘maths, algebra’, for example. Stick to your timetable. Make sure that all areas of each subject are covered within your timetable. Avoid the temptation to focus on what you are good at or what you most enjoy. Make sure you devote extra time to those areas you find more difficult and, possibly, less interesting.

5 Revision timetable pointers Plan your revision in 25 minute chunks with built-in breaks of 10 minutes. Every two hours, take a slightly longer break of, say, 30 minutes. During your break, forget about revision – have a drink and a snack. Talk to your family!

6 Revision timetable pointers If you get in from school at 4pm, give yourself time to chill out and relax before starting work. It is up to you to decide when and what you will study. Study Times at the weekends may be different Don’t overdo it - a tired brain can’t learn! Make sure you get plenty of sleep and have a proper break for meals. Spread your subjects out. Don’t choose to revise all three sciences one after the other on the same day. You will lose focus!

7 When revising Revise in a quiet environment. Close the door. Switch off phones / tablets

8 Finally Don’t panic! If you are organised, you will be fine! Lots of regular revision, slotted into your normal routine, is a hundred times better than manic swotting the day before the exam!

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