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Taking Better Pictures Getting more from your subject ©2014 Domenico Pino Part 1 of 2 parts.

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1 Taking Better Pictures Getting more from your subject ©2014 Domenico Pino Dom@ChannelOne.US Part 1 of 2 parts

2 Overview Getting more from your subject Best Angles – what direction to shoot from Background – positioning your subject Posing – One, Two, Three...More Flash – Daytime use guidelines Motion – desired and undesired Opportunities – They’re everywhere

3 Best Angles What Direction to Shoot From Inside –Place window behind you for group –Subject facing window provides a lovely soft profile –Avoid shooting subject next to a light fixture Outside –Overcast - Just about anywhere –Bright Sun - Sun at side and to your back –Open shade works well –Avoid light and dark shadows (Leaves, Grating) –Open Midday Sun can cause “Raccoon Eyes”

4 Using light from a window

5 Placing the Sun behind you and to the side illuminates the subject well and sculpts with light to produce a more 3D look

6 Background Positioning your subject 1/3 Rule Viewer is drawn to a space that is one-third from the edges (tic-tac-toe intersections) If there is a background scene, place it on one third and your subject on the other third. If text is to be added (ad/poster) leave room for it Head and Nose Room Cutting off feet is better than crowding the head Eyes at 1/3 works well in close-ups Face your subject into the frame, not out of it

7 1/3 Rule

8 1/3 Rule & Facing subject into the frame

9 Background Positioning your subject, continued Dealing with Annoyances Choose an uncluttered background Check there are no objects/people next to your subject’s head (branch, microphone, passersby) Avoid shooting into a mirror or glass window (shoot off center, if you must, or place subject over point of reflection – don’t shoot yourself) Always take more than one picture of a group and tell them (countdown “and hold”) when you snap it. (someone will almost always blink or look away)

10 Shooting through glass with flash off-center

11 Posing Brief review of extensive topic..1 One Subject – “Anthropology” catalog –In General... ¼ rotation makes your subject look slimmer (head-on adds weight – ok for very thin subject) it’s better to flex what bends – “C”, “S” shape Weight on rear leg, flex front knee –Hands/Arms – don’t just hang there Men – crossed, in pocket, on railing/object Women – on hip(s), hair, caressing You can hide the thumb but not the fingers

12 Flex what bends (“C” & “S” type poses) Note hand placement

13 Posing Brief review of extensive topic..2 Two Subjects –¼ rotation (¾ view) works well Facing Back –“Buddies” – arm over shoulder/back –Cheek-to-cheek –Encourage expression –Avoid focusing on space between 2 subjects!

14 Posing Brief review of extensive topic..3 Three to seven people Try to arrange tallest in center – fan out Prioritize focal person(s) in center (of course) Angle left and right sides towards camera arrange diagonally / / / -- \ \ \ Four can also do double back-to-back \ / \ / (arms crossed works well here – show attitude) (ladies: try hand on hips)


16 Posing Brief review of extensive topic..4 Large groups –Require staging in rows. If no seating is available for front row, try having ladies bend knees and place hands on knees leading forward; men can get on one knee. A few can lie in front or sit cross legged –Look for natural props – steps, hill, bench –Other approach Arrange the group if possible – cluster or open Find a high perch for yourself: chair, stairs, balcony

17 Taller Kneeling Interleave Faces Shorter Sitting

18 Find a high perch – photo taken from bleachers

19 Another approach to groups: Scattered, and shot from a higher platform

20 Don’t forget... –Take the time to arrange your subjects –Tell them you will be taking several shots –Prepare them to express a smile or ?? –Countdown “3-2-1 and Hold It” – then snap it –Retake photos of groups –Retake photos of larger groups again (+1) –You lose 100% of shots you don’t take

21 You lose 100% of shots you don’t take. Even though girls in background were not posed, I took advantage of those who were and created montage shown in next slide.


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