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Welcome to Our World Information Technology Networks and Security (ITNS) Presented by.

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1 Welcome to Our World Information Technology Networks and Security (ITNS) Presented by

2 IT NETWORKS AND SECURITY IT Networks and Security 1.Implements and manages campus-wide communication networks 2.Improves the security of the resources that cross those networks 3.Prevents, detects and reacts to unauthorized access to Purdue resources 4.Promotes the preservation of personal security and privacy for all people at Purdue. 2

3 IT NETWORKS AND SECURITY CONSISTS OF EIGHT AREAS: 1.Broadcast Network Services 2.Identity and Access Management Office 3.Networks 4.Policies and Procedures 5.Research Data Networking 6.Security Outreach and Training 7.Security Services and NOSC 8.Telecommunications 3

4 4 OUR “FEARLESS” LEADER Scott Ksander Executive Director of IT Networks and Security

5 BROADCAST NETWORK SERVICES (BNS) Provides video services and distribution capabilities to the Purdue campus, Satellite transmission (KU-Band) Internet video streaming Two-way video conferencing facility in Stewart Center The Purdue Channel/Educational Access Channel 5 Purdue Residence Hall BoilerTV Channel 13 Purdue Academic Cable TV in classrooms Videotape and CD/DVD duplication Operates video fiber network connecting most of Purdue's major event venues on campus with the BNS facility in Stewart Center Provides video engineering support for all ITaP video facilities 5 Jeff Schwab, Acting Director

6 NETWORKS Wired networks 40,000 network connections Fiber Optic connectivity to all campus buildings Wireless network 1,800 wireless access points (“PAL2.0”) Covers most indoor “common” areas Internet Connectivity Research oriented Internet2 connectivity via 10 Gigabit fiber Commodity Internet connectivity via Indiana Gigapop in Indianapolis Provide network bandwidth for day to day operations of the university and support students, staff, and faculty in research and educational network needs. Also provide special event support for athletics and other major university events. For information on services follow the Data Connections link at: 6 Jeff Schwab, Acting Director

7 RESEARCH DATA NETWORKING Supports high capacity network connectivity for data communication-intense research projects for: Rosen Center for Advanced Computing Envision Center for Data Perceptualization Purdue Terrestrial Observatory Maintain high capacity research network links for Teragrid and CMS projects 7 Jeff Schwab, Acting Director

8 Touch points with ITaP and Others Housing and Food Services – Resnet Athletics – supporting special events Teaching, Learning and Technology Blackboard, Internet, I Light Educational Statewide Network Wireless Environment in buildings and common areas 8

9 SECURITY OUTREACH AND TRAINING Coordinates training and presentations on security issues Promotes a culture of security awareness for the Purdue community Manages the SecurePurdue Web site (, Serves as a clearinghouse for information and resources on computer security and issues related to the four components of SecurePurdue 9 Cherry Delaney, Coordinator

10 Security Outreach and Training Touch Points throughout ITaP and Purdue Facilitate professional development and training sessions for ITNS, and IT distributed Provide training sessions for greater Purdue community and public on security awareness Provide outreach to new students, staff and faculty Work with other Universities to promote computer security awareness 10

11 IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT OFFICE (IAMO) Rob Stanfield, Director The mission of the Identity and Access Management Office (IAMO) is to provide a consistent, University-wide means of identifying Purdue University constituents for the purpose of granting access to resources while ensuring an individual's privacy. The IAMO coordinates the activities of identity assignment and role-based access across the University.

12 IAMO CONTINUED Provides identification, authentication, and authorization services to the Purdue campuses Provides the central career account credential for accessing services Manages access to various resources on campus, such as the SAP system Provides guest account services for visitors to campus Provides SecurePurdue two-factor authentication tokens For more information on services:

13 IAMO Touch Points throughout ITaP and Purdue IAMO assigns students, faculty, and staff a career account Assigns roles and specific access for services Provides two-factor authentication tokens – BoilerKey Consults with other IT units on use of IAMO services Provides Tier-2 support for the Customer Service Center

14 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES ITNS facilitates the development of University: Information security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures Consults on information security compliance activities under federal, state, and local law For information on IT policies and security compliance activities: Joanna Grama, Director

15 ITNS Members serve on: HIPAA Executive Steering Committee (cross-functional at the University) GLBA Information Security Program Committee (cross- functional at the University Data Stewards Organization Facilitates the Security Officers group that is comprised of distributed IT throughout the university Policies and Procedures Touch Points throughout ITaP and Purdue 15

16 SECURITY SERVICES 16 Greg Hedrick, Director Mission: Leverage reliable and secure Networks and Security Services to preserve the availability and integrity of Purdue IT resources. Vision: To be a trusted partner and advisor to all IT areas at Purdue; creating security solutions and providing a secure IT environment. To be recognized by the Purdue community for maintaining effective and efficient operational Network and Security Services.

17 Vulnerability Scanning Cluster Hostmaster Security reviews and consultation Production Readiness Web Scanning Product evaluation Incident Response Intrusion Detection Logging Forensics Security Services Central firewall support Anti-virus support (ePO) Windows Server Update Service Network monitoring Filelocker Second and third-tier technical support For more information on Security Services:

18 Security Services Touch Points throughout ITaP and Purdue 18 Supports security services (Firewall, ePO, web scanning, etc.) for other ITaP units Staff meet with IT Systems and Operations on a regular basis to discuss projects and concerns Provides consulting to other ITaP units for their projects, RFP's, etc Integrated within the production readiness and change management (services arm of ITaP) Monitoring for Networks

19 Security Services Touch Points Continued… Interacts with contracts and licensing on new contracts/licenses in IT Customer Relations Provides tier 2/3 support via the IT Customer Relations Customer Service Center (CSC) methodologies and tools (i.e. remedy, Knowledge Base (KB) system). Working with RCAC to help develop an IP address management (IPAM) solution. System-wide services: – VSC – Reviews and consultation – Incident Response – ePO – Windows Server Update Service – Filelocker – Second and third-tier technical support 19

20 Network Operations Center (NOC)/Security Operations Center (SOC)

21 TELECOMMUNICATIONS Mission: Develop and expand quality telecommunication services to the Purdue University community. Vision: We constantly seek creative and innovative solutions to better meet our customer needs. In addition, we strive to promote and maintain accuracy and reliability with 24 hour service at a competitive cost. 21 Gary English, Director

22 Telecommunications continued ITNS – Telecommunications consists of the following areas: – Voice Services – Cable Plant Operations – Network Operations Gary English is the Director of Telecommunications Barb Jones is the Manager of Voice Services Stu Dye is the Manager of Cable Plant Operations Todd Harrington is Manager of Network Operations

23 TELECOMMUNICATIONS CONTINUED Services and maintains 21,000 telephone lines and associated equipment, Blackberry devices, cell phones, and pagers Provides telephone operator services, ITNS billing services, consulting services, and training on all equipment and services Manages, designs, specifies, installs and repairs all fiber-optic and copper cabling needs for the West Lafayette campus, including new buildings and renovation projects Participate in Campus Master Planning and budgeting for new construction Service and maintain records for all voice, data, and video infrastructure plus 600 telecom rooms on the West Lafayette campus as well as the I-Light fiber cable to Indianapolis and the Purdue Research Park

24 Facts about Telecommunications Number of active telephone lines - 20,450 Cable Lengths installed – 614 miles of fiber optic cable – 485 miles of copper cable Years of experience in department: 650 years – GTE/Verizon- 135 years Annual Voice service orders – 8,387 Annual Trouble tickets – 1,247 Annual Data orders – 15,361 Annual CS2100 telephone switch calls processed – 27,881,209 For information on services browse 24

25 Telecommunications Touch Points throughout ITaP and Purdue Work with Physical Facilities for things like access to Sprint’s tower on the Purdue University water tower Coordinate with Sheriff Tracey Brown for 911 and emergency notifications Coordinate with Purdue Memorial Union (PMU) for wireless connections in conference rooms and hotel suites Work with Athletics to provide access for press and guests 25 For information on services browse

26 Ongoing Projects Campus Wireless Network: Expand coverage to all interior areas and add 802.11n support Campus Network Infrastructure: Add redundant 10 gigabit network links to all core campus buildings Security logging project used to support incident response activities NOC/SOC implementation to help focus current operational staff on further research, development, and consulting Post-implementation SAP security improvements Sungard Banner upgrades

27 Where we exist in ITaP’s support mission Research and Discovery  IPAM collaboration  Filelocker  Technical Support  Network Monitoring Teaching and Learning  Web Scanning  Incident Response Effective Administration  Filelocker  Incident Response 27  High capacity network links  Compute cluster network support  Classroom video and videoconferencing  Computer lab networking  Wireless support for student learning  Data Center network and firewall support

28  Benefits of working at Purdue – Vacation days and holidays – Medical benefits including Flexible spending account pre-tax dollars – 10% discount at several local businesses – Sick leave/ including paid parental leave – Affordable term life insurance – Personal accident insurance – Short Term disability – University Retirement Contributions/Health Insurance – Tuition Discount!! – Voluntary Benefits: legal, dental, guaranteed universal life, Home, auto and other property casualty insurance  Training and career development opportunities- part of Purdue’s strategic initiatives 28

29 Staff Recognition Category: Good News About ITaP ITNS staffer receives kudos for help with Summer Transition, Advising, and Registration program. Andrew K. Koch, Director of Student Access, Transition and Success Programs wrote the following about Doug Magers' help with their summer transition, Advising, and Registration program: "I write to thank you for the help you provided to guarantee the success of the Summer Transition, Advising, and Registration program. Your efforts with establishing and maintaining daily network connections at our welcome locations in STEW and the Hall of Music enabled us to efficiently and professionally check-in more than 6,000 new freshmen and transfer students over the 18 days of the program. You were diligently present at 6 a.m. each morning, and when the system was working without a hitch (all the time) you pitched in with other tasks (bag distribution, greeting, etc.) to make sure that the whole check-in process was smooth. You went above-and-beyond the call of duty – never leaving something unaddressed because it was “not your job.” For your efforts, my SATS colleagues and I have elected you to the “Pantheon of STAR All-Stars” – an organization founded and funded by Dan Carpenter. (So far you are the only person enshrined in this august group.) Doug, my colleagues and I are indebted to you for your service and support. Thanks for all you did to help the University’s newest students start their college experiences in positive and productive manners. We look forward to working with you in the not-to-distant future when we begin to plan for STAR 2010. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer."

30 October - Cybersecurity Month long events culminating in Halloween Security Costume Contest Winter dinner Network staff manage Athletic events Research Presentations Student Appreciation Picnic 30 Activities Presented by ITNS Throughout a Year

31 An interactive video training hosted by ITNS for IT staff across campus SANS 401 6 day training June, 2009 SANS 422 Web Applications June, 2009 SANS 422 2 Day Web Security training Jan. 2009 SANS 556 1 Day Packet Flow Analysis Jan 2009 SANS 519 2 day training December 2007 SANS VISTA One day training July 2007 SANS 401 6 day training January 2007 Operational Security luncheon series 2008 CISSP Test prep luncheons 2007 Security Training ITNS has Provided

32 Student appreciation Spring picnic

33 ITNS TOP TEN LIST 10."Oh! You work for ITaP?! You can solve ALL of my problems!" quote from one Purdue staff person. Oh if only we could!! 9.You can’t just plug a phone into any phone jack and expect it to work – have to have a live jack and the jack owns the phone number, not your phone. 8.We love to make you change your password!! It may help prevent hackers or others from compromising your machine or data. So we practice safe principles. 7.“I should be able to do anything on the networked computers 24/7/ 365 days of the year.” Sorry, but we just aren’t staffed to manage that and there are scheduled times we must do maintenance. 6.Please, just “Don’t click” on embedded links in emails. 33

34 ITNS TOP TEN LIST CONT. 5.“Why should I care about security?” We try to inform you but we can not make you practice safe computer behavior on the internet, email or instant messaging. 4.Keep operating system and anti-virus patches updated on all machines 3.ITNS helps faculty, staff, & students get and stay connected securely. (via LAN, WAN, internet, phones, pagers, PAL, etc.) 2. Don’t Google your Social Security Number!!!! That stays in the documents searched on for anyone else to see. 1.Purdue will NEVER send an email message asking users to reply with a password or other confidential personal information such as Social Security numbers or bank account numbers. Messages requesting such information are fraudulent and should be deleted 34

35 Jail Time for Bad ITaP Hombres Gerry (Liverpool) McCartney, CIO Scott (Southside) Ksander, CISO 35

36 Recent ITaP Recognition Luncheon Scott as Ringmaster The world’s largest ravenous man eating chicken Broadcast Networks

37 Anti-Phishing PSA Created by video group within ITaPvideo

38 Members of IT Networks & Security


40 Telecommunications Building





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