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Training for Integrated Operations

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1 Training for Integrated Operations
USTRANSCOM Training for Integrated Operations UNCLASSIFIED

2 Supply Chain Education Day-to-day activities
UNCLASSIFIED USTRANSCOM Training and Education Program Phase II - Plans Joint Mission Essential Task List Phase I - Requirements Strategy & Planning Documents Joint Training Plan Joint Logistician competencies Gaps in knowledge, skills, abilities Individual Learning Plans Phase III – Execution feedback Distribution Academy Systems training Supply Chain Education Mandatory training Day-to-day activities individual staff collective Phase IV - Assessment evaluate design things we’ve learned Defense Readiness Reporting System Link to readiness reporting how we’ve done execute Academics plan Processes supported by JTIMS Processes supported by TANDEM LMS Table top exercises Joint exercises prepare

3 Hurricane ROC Drill with ARNORTH
UNCLASSIFIED Hurricane ROC Drill with ARNORTH Objective Exercise Fusion Center processes and procedures for hurricane response requirements Participants Federal agencies Homeland Security Interior Transportation FEMA State & Local agencies USNORTHCOM ARNORTH USTRANSCOM Transportation Component Commands

4 Turbo Distribution 10 – Medical Institution Evacuation Plan, Louisiana
UNCLASSIFIED FOCUS: Validate Disaster Air Medical Staging Facility/Disaster Medical Operations Detachment (DASF/DMOD) CONOPS using the State of Louisiana's Medical Institution Evacuation Plan (MIEP) Conduct Defense Support of Civil Authorities Increase Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational Interaction Participants State of Louisiana Governors Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness FEMA Region Six Health & Human Services Veterans Administration USNORTHCOM ARNORTH USTRANSCOM Air Mobility Command

5 Turbo Distribution 10 (JEP Tier 1)
UNCLASSIFIED Turbo Distribution 10 (JEP Tier 1) USTRANSCOM supporting USPACOM theater contingency Exercise in Constrained Cyberspace Environment Verify Fusion Center Operating Instruction Conduct Information Assurance and Interoperability Assessment Use C2 Systems to Coordinate Strategic/Operational Deployment Requirements Increase Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational Interaction Demonstrate Defense Transportation System Expansion in Support of Global Contingency Operations Conduct Integrated Distribution Operations in Coordination with Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise Participants DOS DIA OSD USPACOM Component Commands USSTRATCOM USNORTHCOM USJFCOM DLA USTRANSCOM Transportation Component Commands UNCLASSIFIED

6 2010 Interagency Logistics Symposium
UNCLASSIFIED 2010 Interagency Logistics Symposium Purpose: Address common issues and complex logistics and distribution challenges 2. Logistics Modeling and Simulation 1. Lessons from Operation Unified Response 3. Disaster Relief & Humanitarian Assistance Virtual Table Top Exercise Plus: Joint Humanitarian Operations Course preceding the symposium Small Group Scenario Trainer

7 2010 Interagency Logistics Symposium
UNCLASSIFIED 2010 Interagency Logistics Symposium Participants - USSOUTHCOM, USAFRICOM - USTRANSCOM Fusion Center + Components - UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - World Food Program - InterAction* USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance - Federal Emergency Management Agency - Dept. Homeland Security - Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization - various service branches - St. Louis University, National Defense University Industry representatives *InterAction is the largest coalition of U.S.-based international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) focused on the world’s poor and most vulnerable people

8 Movement Requirements Visibility
UNCLASSIFIED Fusion Center with Agile Transportation 21st Century (AT21) Info Technology M o n i t o r Services Shape Fusion Center Others Enterprise Executable Plan EXECUTION Movement Requirements Visibility ORDERS DLA Dynamic Replanning Combatant Commands AT21 Process Management Optimization Enabling IT

9 UNCLASSIFIED Training for Integrated Operations Questions?

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