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An intelligent VAV zoning system

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2 An intelligent VAV zoning system

3 What is PROLON? ProLon is a manufacturer of a wide range of configurable controllers designed for HVAC zoning systems. Entirely designed and built in our facilities, PROLON’s full line of products is highly adaptable to our wide ranging North American climate. CONFIGURABLE, not programmable Versatile and adaptable for different climates Cold & dry or Hot & Humid

4 What is PROLON? Simpler/More Affordble for both End User and Contractor Aims at the light to mid-sized commercial building market Brings B.A.S. technology to a simpler, more affordable level Takes over the entire climate control of your building

5 Ideal Project Applications
Financial Institutions Office spaces Schools Drug Stores Medical Clinics Retail Stores/ Outlets Car Dealerships Town Halls

6 Who is PROLON intended for?
HVAC / Mechanical Contractors Sheet metal Contractors Non-integrators Background experience / cost / No Access to Controls line (ie HW, JC)

7 Why Prolon? Benefits for you … and your customers!
Affordable purchasing and installation costs Optimal comfort and performance, significant energy savings Free remote access and monitoring Open system accessible to all

8 systems and their variable air volume (VAV / VVT) zones
ProLon’s line of controllers is primarily designed for standalone air handler systems and their variable air volume (VAV / VVT) zones

9 ProLon’s master unit controller is designed to operate and protect
Heat Pumps = Air to Air; Water to Air; Water to Water ProLon’s master unit controller is designed to operate and protect the most common types of air handlers such as: ROOFTOP UNITS HEATPUMPS FAN COILS VENTILATION SYSTEMS

10 ProLon Zone controllers allow for :
Pressure Dependent or Pressure Independent Baseboard Heat = electric or hot water Multiple outputs for heating or cooling ProLon Zone controllers allow for : Standard VAV or pressure independent operation Terminal duct heater and/or baseboard heating

11 - Radiant floor heating

12 Conntected to wall thermostat
Example of gas powered heater controlled by wall stat ProLon also controls: - Unit heaters and other standalone or remote heating/cooling equipment…

13 …Central humidifiers …

14 … and boiler rooms.

15 ProLon VAV Zone Controller
Microprocessor PI control loop Configurable outputs Fully protected (‘Contractor Proof’) Multiple models available (light & full) With or without an embedded actuator (Belimo’s smart HALOMO® technology) PL-VC1000 Digital or Analog room sensors available Actuator is not Floating or Modulating = it is a COMMUNICATING device; Belimo chip is on the VC1000 for exact actuator position Dedicated outputs Outputs come with Resetable Fuses aka ‘ Contractor Proof ’ for wiring problems short circuits or 24V on communication bus PL-RS – analog sensor T1000 when hooked to the VC1000 allows access to all configureation menu parameters thru the digital menu on the sensor – great feature for contractor Acts like an iPod circular button Hold left side 7 seconds to access menu to control zone – can use to troubleshoot PL-T1000 PL-RS

16 Architecture Standalone Controllers Networked System Two wire bus
Up to 127 nodes Standalone Controllers = Does not have to be networked in system to work Daisy Chain thru 2 wiire bus Contol up to 127 controllers on single network Network controller with scheduler – IP addresses is added to system, Can access entire Prolon system on Internet using Free Focus Software on webite Focus Software free – no fees, licenses, 3 or 4 annual upgrades just add features so controller never becomes obsolete Free ProlonLive app – web based app Free web based app –mobile site accessible on smart phone or tablet Viewable only Demo (not functional demo) =

17 ProLon VAV Zone Controller
LIGHT CARD 1xDO + 1xAO FUNCTIONS: Heat - Cool - Occupancy - Other math function SIGNAL: On-Off (staged) Pulsed Modulating (PWM for DO) Advanced sequences: - Damper ventilation/reheat positioning

18 ProLon VAV Zone Controller
FULL CARD 4xDO + 1xAO FUNCTIONS: Same as LIGHT card SIGNAL: Additional sequences: - Pressure Independent Model - Outboard floating actuator

19 ProLon M1000 Central AHU Controller
Powerful and versatile controller uses application specific profiles Fully updatable Has 9x fully protected UI’s 8x outputs all with override switches Real time clock with scheduling and calendar RTU and Heat pump Controller already configured at the manufacturing facility Re-programmable – change Heat Pump to RTU Can update it to get latest version anytime by downloading lastest firmware 9 UI- Universal Inputs 8 Outputs = 5 digital and 3 Analog Override for contractor use No external device need for the Clock

20 ProLon M1000 RTU Controller highlights
Rooftop unit sequence Cooling: staged (up to 4x) or modulating Heating: staged, modulating or pulsed Supply air reheat sequence Variable economizer output Demand-based minimum fresh air (CO2) Static pressure control (damper or VFD) Exhaust fan or power exhaust control Full time protection with temp sensors (3x) And more… 3 dedicated heat outputs = 2 Digital 1 Modulated Economizer for free cooling thru fresh air damper Stat Pressure control of bypass damper or VFD CO2 part of IAQ Temp Sensors - Supply, Return, Outside Air

21 Other ProLon Controllers
HUMIDITY CONTROLLER Output: On-off / Modulating Outdoor reset RH modulating supply high limit PL-VC1000HU PL-VC1000BO BOILER CONTROLLER 2-stage boiler and/or modulating 3-way valve Primary / secondary pump outputs Outdoor reset / Zone demand reset Outdoor reset – depending on temp will change relative humidity value Dehumidification logic is coming Basic Boiler Control AND/OR Will adjust demand for temperature needed if multiple zones call for heating PL-T1100 looks just like wall sensor T1000 Acutal thermostat with 2 outputs 1 DO and 1 AO outputs Useful in room controller baseboard unit or radiant floor Multiple purpose for averageing remote sensor or slab temp sensor for radiant floor DIGITAL THERMOSTAT Stand-alone or networked Heat/cool control with analog/digital outputs Multi-purpose sensor input (remote, average, slab) PL-T1100

22 ProLon Network Controller
PL-NC-SCHED Used for communication and system scheduling Allows for remote access (intranet, internet) to all ProLon equipment within a building Outside temperature distribution alarms management Multiple schedules and calendars Datalogging Needed for the IP access to Prolon system Monitor any varaiable on any controller; when variable reaches a specific condition alarm is sent alarms sent to 3 addresses Can have up tp 100 alarms and pair them together 16 schedules stored here for multiple untis with different schedule from here Datalogging – SD card slot up to 50 parameters with standard 2GB or 4GB card lasts months Outside Temp Distribution – 1 sensor used to send to multiple AHU untis SAVES MONEY FOR EVERYONE (sensors, wiring, time)

23 ProLon Network Controller
Schedules Up to 16 schedules & calendars Can be sent to any controller Useful for multiple units with different occupation hours

24 Outside Temperature Sharing
ProLon Network Controller Outside Temperature Sharing Use a single outside air temperature sensor Send value to any or all other devices Save on extra sensors, wiring, installation time ROI after 4-5 rooftop units

25 Email Alert Management
ProLon Network Controller Alert Management Up to 100 alerts Monitor any variable from any controller Groups / Delays Send to 3 different addresses

26 ProLon Network Controller
Datalogging Standard SD card slot in controller Log any variable from any controller Log periodically or by offset Up to 50 simultaneous logs

27 ProLon Network Controller
Graphing the datalog Press ‘Open Graphing Utility’ button MS Excel opens, prompts for log file Compare any 2 variables side-by-side (MS Excel limitation) Analyze system performance Voilà!

28 ProLon Focus Software

29 Remote management with PROLONLIVE

30 FREE! FOCUS Increased Simplicity Optimal Performance
DDC - Complex Very Good Performance Advanced Communication Very Costly INTEGRATION SOFTWARE FOCUS Increased Simplicity Optimal Performance Hassle-free Communication Reduced Cost FREE! 1. Simplicity system simple and easy to install Easy to put in Infrastructure market) Reducedoperation of standardized sequences Simple to manage no programming required 2. PERFORMANCE uses of advanced technologies to be in the vanguard of the market ( micro-processors of HALOMO BÉLIMO ) offers comfort and economy of energy by many sequences of operations Adaptable to the particularities of the building adaptable to various climates Adaptable to many sources of energies 3. COMMUNICATION only system of its kind that can be supervised and remote control universal Integration via multiple protocols graphical interface of the software PROLON FOCUS ( Free ) offering a configuration tool and unique visualization and uneven 4. LOWER COSTS - Acquisition: modular concept with little devices with multiple Installation sequences: no programming required ( plug & play ) Usage : economies maximized via the multiple sequences and the possibilities of adjustment unlimited . Many strategies of management and savings . Lock by outdoor temperature . Sequence Start - end ( morning / night) . Management of votes ( priorities ANALOG - Very Simple - Limited Performance - Non-existant Communication - Reduced Cost

31 Conclusion Prolon, the control system that is…
Simple, rugged and efficient Low cost purchase and install Optimizes equipment performance Increases comfort level and energy savings Evolutionary, fully updatable controllers Open system design, no licensing! With Prolon, offer your customers increased comfort, savings and cutting-edge technology for less!

32 And now the Prolon Focus Demo…

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