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The Peloponnesian War Sparta v. Athens 431 BC

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1 The Peloponnesian War Sparta v. Athens 431 BC

2 Lead-Up to the War Tensions between Sparta and Athens grow
Had been growing for years due to alliances Athens becomes a massive naval power Money from alliance helped to create this Both sides begin pressing for attacks People want to get the upper hand on the other Eventually tension boils over into war

3 The War Begins (431 BCE) Sparta declares war 431 BC – attacks Athens
Sparta known to be tough on land Athens known to be tough at sea Athens planned to avoid land battles and find a way to attack by sea Sparta not easily accessible by sea – major problem Sparta marches on Athens; burns farmland Planned to eliminate Athenian food supply Hoped they would eventually surrender

4 Athenian Respond to Attacks
Pericles pulls citizens inside the city walls for protection; trying to avoid land battle w/ Sparta Good plan except for two major problems Major plague hits – kills 1/3 to 2/3 of Athenian population including Pericles Athenian attack fails – Athens sends soldiers to attack Syracuse to have Sparta retreat and help Athenian army is completely destroyed Athens surrenders after holding off Sparta for 9 years


6 Philosophers Arise w/ Answers
Following the time of crisis, people in Athens searching for answers Philosophers try to provide answers Philosopher- lovers of wisdom Believed in two major principles The world was put together in a logical way People could understand the world with logic and reason 3 major philosophers to know about Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

7 The Philosophers Socrates – 1st major philosopher of Greece
Encouraged Greeks to question themselves and their moral character He was later put on trial and condemned to death for corrupting Athens’ youth; drank poison to die Plato – student of Socrates Most famous for writing The Republic Said that there were 3 social classes Smartest of the upper class would become philosopher-king Aristotle – student of Plato and questioned the world His research provided the basis for the scientific method Also tutored Alexander the Great; later takes over Greece

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