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Rome, Italy By: Tony Flores.

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1 Rome, Italy By: Tony Flores

2 Where is the Rome located within Italy?
Rome is located in the Central-Western portion of the Italian peninsula.

3 Where is Rome located within Europe?
Rome is located in Italy.

4 What climate zone is Rome in?
Mainly Mediterranean Towards the north it’s alpine Towards the south its hot and dry

5 What rivers or waterways are relied on by the city?
The Tiber R. provides water for the city The Tyrrhenian sea provides water power

6 What are Rome’s important buildings structures
#1 Castle Sant’Angelo Castle Sant’Angelo is a huge fortress in Rome Italy that was built in 139 AD

7 #2 Chamber of Deputies The Chamber of Deputies is the lower house of Italy's Parliament

8 #3 Spanish Steps The Spanish Steps lead up to a beautiful 16th century church called Trinita dei Monti

9 #4 Piazza Navona The Piazza Navona is Rome's most beloved square and is one of the world's most beautiful piazzas

10 #5 Trevi Fountain Trevi Fountain features a statue of Neptune which was completed in 1762

11 #6 Victor Emmanuel Monument
The Victor Emmanuel Monument is a gigantic building located on Capitoline Hill in Rome Italy.

12 #7 Piazza del Campidoglio
The Piazza del Campidoglio was designed by Michelangelo in the 16th century and is situated on Capital Hill (Capitoline Hill) in Rome Italy.  The Capitoline Museums are located on this picturesque piazza.  They contain some fine paintings and sculpture

13 #8 Coliseum This is the most ancient monument from ancient Rome

14 How are people Transported in and around the city?
#1 Car

15 #2 Train

16 #3 Taxis

17 #4 Bike

18 #5 Bus

19 #6 Walking

20 Sources Wikipedia

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