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Pro Bono Partnerships – Law Libraries. Pro Bono Partnerships Special Committee The assistance of law librarians is a valuable asset to many attorneys.

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1 Pro Bono Partnerships – Law Libraries

2 Pro Bono Partnerships Special Committee The assistance of law librarians is a valuable asset to many attorneys doing pro bono work. By participating in such collaborative efforts, law librarians provide public service while also raising their visibility within the legal community. The Special Committee shall focus on promoting and increasing cooperative efforts between law librarians and the providers of pro bono legal assistance. Specifically the Special Committee is charged to: Identify successful statewide or local pro bono projects conducted by bar associations, legal aid services, and voluntary attorney networks. Explore ways to encourage AALL chapters and local law libraries to connect with these programs in a high profile way and suggest appropriate roles that law librarians can play in such projects. Spotlight initiatives by librarians in all types of law libraries to assist under-served members of the public directly or to contribute research and organizational skills to their employers' pro bono activities or to support students who are fulfilling pro bono service requirements. Prepare a Members' Briefing for the July 2007 issue of AALL Spectrum (deadline is May 3) which explains and spotlights some of these successful programs and provides some "Best Practices" guidance for such efforts. Recommend how AALL can become involved with the Self-Represented Litigation Network of the National Center for State Courts. Recommend how the work of the Special Committee can be continued by some currently- existing or newly-created AALL entity.

3 Pro Bono Partnerships

4 Self-Represented Litigant

5 Pro Se Litigant

6 Action Plan California

7 California Action Plan

8 Civil Justice Inc. The Civil Justice Network works to increase the delivery of legal services to Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia clients of low and moderate income through a network of solo, small firm and community based lawyers who share a common commitment to increasing access to justice through traditional and non-traditional means. The Civil Justice Network provides: mentoring, law practice management advice, discounted legal products, co-counseling services with members on high impact litigation, a listserv, and a client referral service to assist Maryland solo and small firm lawyers to market their services to clients looking for legal help.

9 University of Maryland Law School Civil Justice Civil Justice is an affiliated program of the University of Maryland School of Law and works closely with the School of Law to promote public interest legal careers for students and graduates. This partnership includes work with the School of Law's clinical programs where Civil Justice Network attorneys mentor students and assist clients served by the program. Civil Justice network attorneys routinely speak at School of Law functions and programs for alumni and students alike. Civil Justice also sponsors a "Consumer Law Clerkship" position for qualified University of Maryland School of Law students. This clerkship provides students with hands-on experience in the area of consumer law which includes litigation, research, and client contract. For more information on the University of Maryland School of Law, please visit their website at:

10 Unbundled Legal Services "Unbundled''' legal services can also be described as "discrete task representation". An attorney who provides a specific service to a client (who is otherwise handling an action pro se) is providing one service out of the possible range of "bundled" services, otherwise referred to as full representation. Some observers note that this type of service has always been part of the practice of law, although usually in the context of a relationship with an existing client. What "Unbundled Legal Services" Means for Clients: Attorneys which are committed to the "Unbundled" concept are willing to provide limited legal services to clients. Instead of paying a large retainer up-front a lawyer delivering limited legal services will undertake discrete tasks such: Legal advice: office visits, telephone calls, fax, mail, E-mail Advice about availability of alternative means to resolving the dispute, including mediation and arbitration. Evaluation of clients' self-diagnosis of the case and advising client about legal rights. Guidance and procedural information for filing or serving documents. Reviewing correspondence and court documents. Preparing and/or suggesting documents to be prepared. Factual investigation: contacting witnesses, public record searches, in-depth interview of client. Legal research and analysis. Discovery: interrogatories, depositions, requests for document production. Planning for negotiations, including simulated role playing with client. Planning for court appearances made by client, including simulated role playing with client. Backup and trouble-shooting during the trial. Referring client to other counsel and to other experts. Counseling client about possible appeal. Procedural assistance with appeal and assisting with substantive legal argumentation in appeal. Provide preventive planning and/or schedule legal check-ups. Other services as needed by the client.

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