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Welcome to Miami Florida.!! The place to KICK BACK and RELAX!

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1 Welcome to Miami Florida.!! The place to KICK BACK and RELAX!

2 Whats Happening In Miami I'm sure you have heard that Miami is known for its beautiful beaches, nice scenes, nice houses and the lifestyle is somewhat fabulous. Miami has a lot to offer such as family trips, get away vacations. So lets see how if you were to visit what kind of festivities would be to your liking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 South Beach, Miami On South Beach there are multiple activities for you to do with family. You can go swimming go visit the strip where there are plenty of new things to see and do

4 Dolphin Mall ( This mall has multiple things to do the movies,fleamarkets they do your hair,nails. And activitices for kids such as indoor playgrounds.

5 Day 4 This is a map from our resort all the way to the hotel

6 Disney Castle This is a castle at Disney land to basically get gift prizes from the amusement parks and get souvenir.

7 Aquarium The aquarium is an indoor aquarium where you can meet all the aquatic animals here live and some are petting stations such as dolphin people actually get to physically interact with them

8 Zoo Miami contains many alligators in the swamp but this is a preview of the most largest one in the zoo what is vong and very vicious

9 Our Resort Our Resort is On the the castle right there to interact with Disneyland that WAY WE COULDN’T MISS A THING WE HAVE MEAL plans included access to the parks almost all of the time

10 The City The city has many things h

11 Day 3 The Miami Metro Zoo consists of multiple animals being that they have a lot of bayous and swamps around the area they fing more animals and take care of them and bring them to the zoo where family's can observe their behavior

12 Metro Areas In Miami These are the nice scenes in Miami besides the beach or the Strip.These have local underground transportation because of the population in South Miami tourist, residents,and entrprenuers

13 Day 5 This Is one of Miami’s famous restaurants called THE HANNA located in Hialeah, Miami.

14 SUMMER FEST The summer fest is a good event for families to go to there music,different cultures,intresting foods nice place to hang out and make new friends and just hang out.

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