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How does an ecosystem change? Jeopardy Review Game.

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1 How does an ecosystem change? Jeopardy Review Game

2 $2 $5 $10 $20 $1 $2 $5 $10 $20 $1 $2 $5 $10 $20 $1 $2 $5 $10 $20 $1 $2 $5 $10 $20 $1 BiomesCyclesIFAdaptations Grab Bag

3 Which biome has sandy, rocky soil?

4 The desert

5 Which two biomes are the most similar?

6 Taiga and Tundra

7 Which biome has trees with leaves that change color in the fall.

8 Which biome has trees that change color the fall?

9 What is a biome?

10 One of earth’s major land ecosystems with its own characteristics, animals, plants, soil and climate.

11 Name the 7 terrestrial biomes.

12 Desert, tundra, taiga, tropical rain forest, temperate rain forest, grassland and deciduous forest

13 What is the continuous movement of water between Earth’s surface and the air called..

14 Water cycle

15 In this cycle nitrogen must be fixed in order for plants to use it

16 Nitrogen Cycle

17 The continuous exchange of carbon among living things is called

18 The Carbon Cycle

19 Would removing animals from the carbon cycle stop the cycle? Explain:

20 No, the cycle could keep going. Animals add to the carbon, but they are not needed to sustain it.

21 What would happen to the carbon cycle if all decomposers on earth suddenly died?

22 Large amounts of carbon would be stored in the tissues of dead plants and animals would not be available for use by other living things.

23 If a species cannot adapt to changes in an ecosystem it may become..

24 extinct

25 If an animal is extinct can we bring it back under the right conditions?

26 No

27 If a plant has leaves and branches that store water in which biome could this plant be found?

28 desert

29 If an animals has thick coats, layers of fat, hibernation during the winter as adaptations. In which biome would it be found.

30 taiga

31 If there is an increase in the number of rabbits in a population then how could this change an ecosystem.

32 A decrease in the producers (plants), and increase in the secondary consumers etc.. Leading to a disruption in the balance of an ecosystem.

33 Animals that are active only at night and burrow underground to stay cool In which biome would you find this animals?

34 desert

35 Animals have thick fur, layers of fat, migration, plants have shallow roots, adapted to short growing season.

36 Tundra

37 Flowers bloom, ice melts, insects breed, migrating birds move into the area Which biome?

38 Taiga

39 Monkey, bats, toucans, tree frogs, snakes, insects In which biome can ALL of these be found? Taiga

40 Tropical Rain Forest

41 In this biome you could find hardwood trees, 4 distinct seasons.

42 Deciduous Forest

43 Does the Earth have the same amounts of fresh and salt water?

44 No, there is 97% salt water Fresh water is 3%

45 In which biome do you live?

46 Deciduous Forest

47 Fish, snakes, whales are found in these

48 Water ecosystems

49 This is where salt water and fresh water meet

50 Estuary

51 Why are most plants in a water ecosystem found in the shallow water?

52 Because plants need sunlight for photosynthesis

53 Many people want to live near water. As a result, many homes are being built very close to the shores of larger lakes. How might construction of these homes affect the lake ecosystem?

54 If homes are built close to the waters edge, many of the larger organisms in the shallow water zone, such as frogs, birds, turtles, and other small predators, might have their habitat polluted or destroyed and die or leave. The ecosystem would be out of balance.

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