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What can you do to stop bullying? Target Bully Witness.

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1 What can you do to stop bullying? Target Bully Witness

2 Targets can: Ignore the bully/avoid the bully Walk away/run away Talk to a friend Get some friends to help you Tell the teacher, tell your parents, tell the principal, tell the counselor, tell the bully’s parents Stand up for yourself Use sense of humor, make a joke Ask the bully a question, “Why are you picking on me?” Get involved in some activities that make you feel good about yourself Tell the bully how you feel Give the bully a compliment Laugh it off Firmly say, “stop that”

3 Deputy Attorney General Rhonda Denny… who prosecutes school related crimes

4 Bullies can: Learn how to handle your anger Ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” Get some help to feel better about yourself Try to stop picking on someone for just one day Recognize what you are doing Develop a hobby or skill to help you feel better about yourself Talk to your friends Work hard to control your behavior Try to get some attention by doing something good Get some help if someone in your family is abusing you Get some help if someone is bullying you Pay attention to the consequences Think about how you would feel if you were the target

5 Witnesses can: Include a target in your activities Tell an adult Don’t laugh at bully’s behavior Walk with target Stand up for the target Walk away so bully won’t have an audience Get a group to stand up to the bully Talk to the bully in private Don’t repeat gossip Support a target in private Find out why the bully bullies/ convince the bully to stop Comfort the target Be friends with the bully

6 Do you think it is more difficult for a bully or target to change their behavior? Bully Target

7 Sympathy & Empathy Sympathy – feel sorry for someone Empathy – ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes even if you have never been in that situation I.e. 13 boys in Ocean side California who shaved their heads when their classmate lost his hair because of chemotherapy

8 Every day you have choice… qUfHAOdn30&feature=related It’s up to you!!!

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