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BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. Student Presentation 2011/12 2 About BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT Formed in 1957 Received its Royal Charter.

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1 BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

2 Student Presentation 2011/12 2 About BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT Formed in 1957 Received its Royal Charter in 1984 International awarding body for qualifications – Accredits University degrees, ISEB practitioner qualifications and sets it’s own academic Higher Education Qualification (HEQ) Around 70,000 members in over 100 countries The awarding body for Chartered IT Professional (CITP) status Route to Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Chartered Scientist (CSci) UK’s leading professional body for those working in ICT Promotes wider social and economic progress through the advancement of information technology, science and practice. For a background film please visit:

3 Student Presentation 2011/12 3 A Definition of Professionalism PROFESSIONAL - “of or belonging to a profession....... involving training....... showing appropriate skill........ maintaining proper standards....... competent.... expert.....”

4 Student Presentation 2011/12 4 What is professionalism? Professionalism is demonstrated by: -Competence -Personal integrity -Responsibility -Accountability -Public duty

5 Student Presentation 2011/12 5 What is a professional body? ‘a not-for-profit organisation seeking to further a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession, and the public interest.’ To establish a Code of Conduct To share knowledge of new developments and good practice To set standards of education, skills and experience To advise government

6 Student Presentation 2011/12 6 BCS Code of Conduct 1: Public Interest You shall: a) have due regard for public health, privacy, security and wellbeing of others and the environment. b) have due regard for the legitimate rights of Third Parties*. c) conduct your professional activities without discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, colour, race, ethnic origin, religion, age or disability, or of any other condition or requirement d) promote equal access to the benefits of IT and seek to promote the inclusion of all sectors in society wherever opportunities arise.

7 Student Presentation 2011/12 7 BCS Code of Conduct 2: Professional Competence and Integrity You shall: a) only undertake to do work or provide a service that is within your professional competence. b) NOT claim any level of competence that you do not possess. c) develop your professional knowledge, skills and competence on a continuing basis, maintaining awareness of technological developments, procedures, and standards that are relevant to your field. d) ensure that you have the knowledge and understanding of Legislation* and that you comply with such Legislation, in carrying out your professional responsibilities. e) respect and value alternative viewpoints and, seek, accept and offer honest criticisms of work. f) avoid injuring others, their property, reputation, or employment by false or malicious or negligent action or inaction. g) reject and will not make any offer of bribery or unethical inducement.

8 Student Presentation 2011/12 8 BCS Code of Conduct 3: Duty to Relevant Authority You shall: a) carry out your professional responsibilities with due care and diligence in accordance with the Relevant Authority’s requirements whilst exercising your professional judgement at all times. b) seek to avoid any situation that may give rise to a conflict of interest between you and your Relevant Authority. c) accept professional responsibility for your work and for the work of colleagues who are defined in a given context as working under your supervision. d) NOT disclose or authorise to be disclosed, or use for personal gain or to benefit a third party, confidential information except with the permission of your Relevant Authority, or as required by Legislation e) NOT misrepresent or withhold information on the performance of products, systems or services (unless lawfully bound by a duty of confidentiality not to disclose such information), or take advantage of the lack of relevant knowledge or inexperience of others.

9 Student Presentation 2011/12 9 BCS Code of Conduct 4: Duty to the Profession You shall: a) accept your personal duty to uphold the reputation of the profession and not take any action which could bring the profession into disrepute. b) seek to improve professional standards through participation in their development, use and enforcement. c) uphold the reputation and good standing of BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT. d) act with integrity and respect in your professional relationships with all members of BCS and with members of other professions with whom you work in a professional capacity. e) notify BCS if convicted of a criminal offence or upon becoming bankrupt or disqualified as a Company Director and in each case give details of the relevant jurisdiction. f) encourage and support fellow members in their professional development

10 Student Presentation 2011/12 10 What does Professionalism look like? Professionalism is further defined for an individual as being all of the below: Member of a professional body Signed up to a code of conduct Committed to continuous professional development Qualified Demonstrates trusted competence

11 Student Presentation 2011/12 11 What additional tasks does the Institute perform? Sets standards for education & training Advances & disseminates knowledge Monitors professional conduct Provides services to members Recognises achievement Represents the profession on issues of importance Offers members opportunities for networking both inside & outside the UK Works with Stakeholders

12 Student Presentation 2011/12 12 Presentation to insert name here 12 BCS Staff Event 2009 12 Our strategy and 5 pillars Bridging the gap between education practice and research Giving practitioners the professional development and career support they deserve Informing public policy on how IT can contribute to society Ensuring everyone benefits from IT Our mission To enable the information society Our vision To be a world- class organisation for IT Championing the global IT profession

13 Student Presentation 2011/12 13 Membership categories Ordinary Grades: Student membership - the grade for those on a course of IT related study Associate membership (AMBCS) - a first step to Professional membership Professional Grades: Professional membership (MBCS) - requires 5+ years’ experience dependent on qualifications Fellowship - our most senior grade for IT professionals Chartered Status: Chartered IT Professional status (CITP) - The benchmark of IT Excellence. Other registrations: Chartered Engineer (CEng), Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Chartered Scientist (CSci)

14 Student Presentation 2011/12 14 Which Chartered Status? CSci for those who advance knowledge and understanding of computer science CEng for those who apply IT to the /IEng solution of engineering problems CITP for those who exploit IT to deliver business advantage

15 Student Presentation 2011/12 15 Be part of the solution Raise awareness Network Participate Encourage others Learn new things Take advantage

16 Student Presentation 2011/12 16 Why do Members join? 1. Professional recognition – 67% 2. Professional development – 14% 3. Member benefits and services – 10% Source – BCS Members Survey

17 Student Presentation 2011/12 17 Why do members join? The Institute is working on behalf of Members to raise the status and recognition of IT as a profession. Members are buying into “The Chartered Institute for IT” and the organisation’s mission / objectives not just a basket of benefits. ….. and Members have a key role to play

18 Student Presentation 2011/12 18 Access the resources, skills and opportunities to help with your career Connect with latest developments and top people in IT Demonstrates your commitment to the IT profession Shows you are serious about your career development Sets you apart Exclusive range of member services and benefits Why join BCS?

19 Student Presentation 2011/12 19 Student membership benefits Free online library full of knowledge and best practice: Books 24x7: 250 top IT and business related eBooks Forrester reports: up to 3 IT related research reports each month EBSCO: IT research database, with over 9000 academic journals and magazines Networking: Access to top people and latest thinking Dedicated Young Professionals Group Online Member Network Over 40 UK Branches and over 50 Specialist Groups Over 15 International Sections

20 Student Presentation 2011/12 20 Student membership benefits cont. Other Knowledge Services: e newsletters Latest Industry news Events, seminars and job opportunities Gadget reviews Free subscriptions to Computing and Globalization Today (digital versions) Member magazine ITNOW

21 Student Presentation 2011/12 21 Student membership benefits cont. Career Development: Gain Associate membership with AMBCS after your name with 1 year’s full time IT work experience Plan the training and development you need Map your career and discover the skills you need Get advice on writing CVs and letters and interview techniques BCSrecruit – Access the latest IT jobs via Discounts: Leading software Custom PC magazine BCS Online bookshop

22 Student Presentation 2011/12 22 ROI Individuals with professional qualifications and membership stand to gain £152,000 in additional earnings over the course of their careers and a 9% increase in the probability of being employed because of the transferable skills on offer* Members of Professional Bodies earn an estimated 17% premium over their working life** Sources….. *CMI and **Consultative Committee for Professional Management Organisations

23 Student Presentation 2011/12 23 ROI Potential worth Professional recognition £10,000s to £100,000s Career development & opportunities£10,000s Benefits and services £1000s –Legal help £50/hr + –Events £100s –Publications £100 + –Discounts on software, training and books £100s –Research reports £1000s –Professional Indemnity Insurance discount£110 to £170

24 Student Presentation 2011/12 24 Thanks and any questions?

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