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3 business plan club

4 Mission To develop and keep the spirit of entrepreneurship among all the students of Saint-Petersburg State University and other universities and to create the possibility to share the entrepreneurial and working experience between students, professors and businessmen

5 Objectives To attract the students of different faculties of Saint-Petersburg State University and other universities to participate The Annual Godwin Wong Business Plan Competition To help to create the strong students association reunion by Business Plan Club To attract students’, sponsors’, professors’ and media’s attention to the School of Management To increase dramatically the number of participants and spectators of Award Ceremony of Annual Godwin Wong Business Plan Competition business plan club

6 Advantages To know how to write the successful business plan To get an experience of team working Выиграть приз To get acquainted with top-managers To make useful business contacts To find a job To win!

7 business plan club НОW TO WRITE THE BEST PLAN? $1000

8 What Makes a Good Plan? Is the plan simple? Is it easy to understand and to act on? Are all the schemes, charts and graphs clear? Does the plan communicate its contents easily and practically? Is the plan specific? Are its objectives concrete and measurable? Does it include specific actions and activities, each with specific dates of completion, specific persons responsible and specific budgets? Is the plan realistic? Are the sales goals, expense budgets, and milestone dates realistic? Is the plan complete? Does it include all the necessary elements? Requirements of a business plan vary, depending on the context. There is no guarantee, however, that the plan will work if it doesn't cover the main bases. business plan club

9 1.Executive Summary: Write this last. It’s just a page or two of highlights. It will appear first, but you write it last! 2.Company Description ( Legal Organization Plan): Legal establishment, history, start-up plans, etc. 3.Product or Service (Product/Service Plan): Describe what you’re selling. Focus on customer benefits. 4.Market Analysis (incl. SWOT Analysis): You need to know your market, customer needs, where they are, how to reach them, etc. 5.Strategy and Implementation: Be specific. Include management responsibilities with dates and budgets. Make sure you can track results. Main components of the business plan business plan club 1

10 6. Web Plan Summary: For e-commerce, include discussion of website, development costs, operations, sales and marketing strategies. 7. Management Team (Human Resources Plan): Describe the organization and the key management team members. 8. Financial Analysis (Financial Plan): Make sure to include at the very least your projected Profit and Loss and Cash Flow tables, ratios, financing schemes, taxation. 9. Growth/Exit Plan: Describe the growth strategy of your business and the way to exit the business. Main components of the business plan 2 business plan club

11 Index Promotion and Advertising Plan Service Plan Legal Organization Plan Management Plan Human Resources plan Financial Plan Growth/Exit Plan Appendix Executive Summary Introduction The Venture Idea Market analysis SWOT analysis Competitors analysis Marketing strategy First Prize Business Plan Example business plan club

12 Primary Market Research – contact with your customers or the public. Types of information gathering: Focus groups gather a small group of people together for a discussion with an assigned leader. Customer surveys Competitors survey Solutions Technologies Niches Market Analysis business plan club 1

13 Secondary Market Research – the information others have acquired and already published which you may find relevant. Trade associations Government information Federal, state and local government reports Internet Press Business books Educational resources Market research firms General market profiles Specific information Market Analysis business plan club 2

14 What You Sell? Detailed Description List and describe the products/services you sell. Cover the main points, including what the product or service is, how much it costs, what sorts of customers make purchases, and why. Competitive Comparison Use this topic for a general comparison of your offering as one of several choices a potential buyer can make. Sourcing and Fulfillment Explain your product sourcing and the cost of fulfilling your service. Manufacturers and assemblers should present spreadsheet output showing standard costs and overheads. business plan club

15 Sales Plan the success of the business depends on the level of sales 70% of the whole number of customers is ready to take the main company’s service First Prize Business Plan Example business plan club

16 Summarize Your Management Chapter Personnel management section – an explanation of your management, management philosophy, backgrounds, organization and functions, table that covers your estimated personnel costs (payroll). Explain Your Organizational Structure The organizational structure of a company is what you frequently see as an organizational chart (org chart). The People Behind the Plan business plan club For more information see WWW.BPLAN.COMWWW.BPLAN.COM

17 Don't use a business plan to show how much you know about your business. Nobody reads a long-winded business plan: not bankers, bosses, nor venture capitalists. Years ago, people were favorably impressed by long plans. Today, nobody is interested in a business plan more than 50 pages long. Business Plan "Don'ts" business plan club

18 PRIZES 3 rd prize -$500 2 nd prize -$700 1 st prize -$1000 business plan club

19 Register now BPC@SOM.PU.RU business plan club

20 Any questions, ideas, requests..? business plan club

21 Good Luck!


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