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Capacity building activities of the OIE STDF WORKSHOP on Capacity Building Tools Geneva, 31 March 2008 Dr Sarah Kahn Director, International Trade Department.

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1 Capacity building activities of the OIE STDF WORKSHOP on Capacity Building Tools Geneva, 31 March 2008 Dr Sarah Kahn Director, International Trade Department

2 OIE Objectives (extract) to ensure the sanitary safety of international trade of animals and products to improve the legal framework and resources of national Veterinary Services to provide expertise and encourage international solidarity in the control of animal diseases

3 Role of Veterinary Services Veterinary Services are a Global Public Good with beneficial effects for:  Poverty Alleviation Securing assets (capital, animal) Increasing productivity  Market Access: local, regional and international  Public Health: food safety and food security

4 Good Governance of VS Requirements for all countries Need for appropriate legislation and implementation through national animal health systems providing for:  Early detection, Transparency, Notification  Rapid response to animal disease outbreaks  Biosecurity  Compensation  Vaccination when appropriate

5 Good Governance of VS  Building and maintaining efficient epidemiosurveillance networks and territorial meshing in the entire national territory, potentially for all animal diseases...  a responsibility of Governments  Concept of ‘Quality of Services’ adopted by all 172 OIE Members

6 OIE capacity building activities More than 60% Members are developing countries OIE Regional & sub Regional offices –provide regionally adapted services to OIE Members –Under Central Bureau direction, implement capacity building activities

7 OIE PVS Tool Legal basis: OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code  Chapter 1.3.3 :  Chapter 1.3.3 : Evaluation of Veterinary Services  Chapter 1.3.4 :  Chapter 1.3.4 : Guidelines for the Evaluation of Veterinary Services

8 OIE PVS Tool Financial basis OIE World Animal Health and Welfare Fund –created in May 2004 –for projects of international public utility: control of animal diseases, especially TADs promotion of animal welfare and food safety.

9 OIE-PVS Evaluation External independent evaluation = not an audit By OIE trained / certified experts Established procedures Official request from the OIE Delegate Propose names of experts and dates Evaluation (documents and mission) Draft Report Peer review Country review of the draft report Final report confidential until country gives approval

10 PVS global programme The OIE plans to evaluate 105 countries over a 3-year period. There are 50 evaluations completed or in progress as at 10 March 2008. 15 countries have given approval for conditional release of their PVS report.

11 OIE-PVS follow up steps PVS Gap analysis Preparation of investment programmes - in collaboration with donors/partners PVS follow-up missions Selection, training and certification of OIE PVS Assessors (ongoing)

12 OIE-PVS follow up steps National workshops –Involving policy makers, senior veterinary officials (central and provincial/district) and private sector (producers, veterinarians etc) Regional workshops –To raise awareness of OIE delegates and national focal points

13 Other relevant activities Model Veterinary Legislation for VS –A project is under way to develop model legislation in French and English, as an aid to countries wishing to develop or improve their legislative framework –draft recommendations later this year.

14 OIE Laboratory Twinning Initiative Objective: to extend the network of OIE capacity, expertise and standards through Twinning To provide better global geographical coverage To provide better coverage in developing and transition countries To provide regional support

15 OIE REFERENCE LABORATORIES Total of 171 in 2007

16 Each Twinning Project.. Is a link between an OIE Reference Laboratory or Collaborating centre (Parent) and a national laboratory (Candidate) Aim is to improve expertise and diagnostic capacity to meet OIE standards (if possible, to be accepted as an OIE Reference organisation)

17 OIE recommendations on the key elements of an effective capacity building tool

18 Key elements trust and mutual confidenceRelationship of trust and mutual confidence between the recipients and providers of assistance; Objectives clearly definedObjectives clearly defined: desired capacities, levels of performance etc international standardsApproach closely linked with international standards, e.g. OIE Terrestrial Code; Rationale transparentRationale transparent and meaningful to donors and to countries;

19 Key elements Expertsselected, trained and certifiedExperts selected, trained and certified in the use of the relevant tool, performance of experts is monitored; internationally recognised expertiseAccess to appropriate internationally recognised expertise at all stages; sustainable improvementProvide for sustainable improvement over time, including giving countries the means to build upon the assistance by their own efforts;

20 Key elements methodologyA consistent and predictable methodology, i.e. countries receiving assistance know what to expect; applicableDesign and implementation applicable to different conditions and environments; accountabilityProfessional and financial accountability; holisticCapacities addressed in a holistic manner –roles and responsibilities of the public and private sectors and stakeholders.

21 Key elements refine the toolProvision for the organisation providing assistance to refine the tool, based on feedback from recipients; objectives and expectations are sharedDonors, providers and recipients of assistance collaborate to ensure objectives and expectations are shared and satisfied; Providers and donors collaborateProviders and donors collaborate, share experiences and learn from one another;

22 Thank you for your attention Organisation Mondiale de la Santé Animale World Organisation for Animal Health Organización Mundial de Sanidad Animal

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