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Daily Objective: How does the Arab-Israeli affect me?

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1 Daily Objective: How does the Arab-Israeli affect me?

2 Why is there fighting??

3 History of Jewish claims to Palestine  Jews have a traditional claim to the land of Palestine  It is the land where their religion originated  Modern Jews claim that their ancestry goes back to the Ancient Hebrews  Jews were forcefully removed by the Roman Empire nearly 2,000 years ago

4 Arab Claims to Palestine  In the 7 th and 8 th centuries C.E., Muslim Arabs moved into Palestine.  They were the dominant group in Palestine until the 20 th century.  They believe that Jews from Europe and North America have no claim to Palestine  A 2,000 year old claim does not trump a 1,500 year old Arab presence

5 The Balfour Declaration 1917  Great Britain issued the Balfour Declaration toward the end of WWI  The declaration was in response to pressure from Zionist organizations Arthur J. Balfour, British foreign secretary

6 Religion, Economics, and Politics Clash: Israel and Palestine

7 Balfour Declaration, 1917  Goals of the Balfour Declaration 1. Great Britain would control Palestine and allow Jews to migrate there 2. Encourage support from the Jewish population for the Allied cause 3. Ensure that existing Arab populations would maintain independence.

8 Quick Check: How did British involvement influence the Middle East?

9 British Mandate of Palestine  Mandate: Area of temporary foreign control  Under British control, Jews began to move into Palestine  Some land was partitioned some was purchased  The real push came with the end of World War II

10 Palestine vs. Israel Palestine -ruled by Great Britain until 1947 -population is primarily Arab and Muslim -Britain gives control to UN when it can’t control religious conflicts Israel -became a modern state in 1948 -population is primarily Jewish -David Ben-Gurion – later became 1 st prime minister

11 Reason for conflict 1.Palestinians–Arabs Forced to move – Lived in the area of Israel for 2000 years 2.Palestinians forced to live in camps to make room for Jews 3.Jerusalem is holy land to 3 major faiths 4.Jews and Muslims each want to control Jerusalem

12 Effects of creation of Israel 1.Palestinians became refugees in other countries throughout the middle east.

13 Map of Palestinian Refugees According to the map, what was one result of the creation of Israel?

14 2. Terrorism is a constant threat in Israel

15 3. Israel builds a wall around Palestinian areas to prevent terrorist from moving into Israeli areas

16 Growth of Israeli Controlled Territories

17 ARAB RESPONSE? Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq immediately declare war on the state of Israel

18 Suez Crisis, 1956 July 1956- Egypt nationalizes Suez Canal Israel, Britain, and France invade Goals: 1.Britain feared lose of canal access 2.Dislike of Egyptian Leader 3.Israel wanted more control

19 The 6 Day War Egypt, with control of the Sinai peninsula, formed defense agreements with other Arab countries –Jordan, Syria, Iraq –Also backed by Soviet Union Israel attacked Arab countries onJune 5 th 1967 Seen as a Preemptive war Results: 1.Preserve the credibility of Israel 2.Proved military power 3.Control of the Sinai Peninsula, West Bank, and Gaza Strip

20 The Yam Kippur War, 1973 One of the holiest Days for the Jewish Religion Surprise attack from Egypt (Sinai) and Syria (Golan) Essentially ended in a stalemate Israel lost credibility as a strong military presence


22 “Shock & Awe!” Coalition forces attack Baghdad (again).

23 “Shock & Awe!”

24 The Dictator is “Toppled”

25 “Mission Accomplished” President George W. Bush lands on board the USS Abraham Lincoln (May, 2003) President George W. Bush lands on board the USS Abraham Lincoln (May, 2003)

26 Saddam Is Captured! December, 2003

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