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Cuban Missile Crisis/ Bay of Pigs Kendra Morgan Shanny.

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1 Cuban Missile Crisis/ Bay of Pigs Kendra Morgan Shanny

2 What started it? Cuba’s government was overthrown by Fidel Castro in January of 1959. After this, Cuba allied with the Soviet Union for support, which made the US fearful of the encroaching Communism. This fear lead to the Bay of Pigs incident. Fidel Castro Cold War

3 Bay of Pigs Incident April 19, 1961 This incident was intended to overthrow Castro. Cuban exiles, supported by the US, invaded Cuba to try to start a revolution. They were found out however, and 200 of the exiles were killed in the battle and the rest were captured. This caused a lot of embarrassment for the US. m4&NR=1 m4&NR=1

4 The Missile Crisis October, 1962 Castro, wary of another invasion by the US, gave permission for Soviet nuclear missile assembly in Cuba. This was a huge threat to the US, with the potential for nuclear war right next door. bmy3M bmy3M

5 Fixing the Problem President Kennedy attempted diplomacy with the Soviet Union while US naval blockade was stationed to stop any more missile deliveries. The situation was delicately handled, and it was finally decided upon that if the US agreed not to invade Cuba again, the Soviet missiles would be removed.

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