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EGEE is proposed as a project funded by the European Union under contract IST-2003-508833 EGEE Service Activity 1 (SA1)

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1 EGEE is proposed as a project funded by the European Union under contract IST-2003-508833 EGEE Service Activity 1 (SA1)

2 SA1 Objectives Core Infrastructure services: Operate essential grid services Grid monitoring and control: Proactively monitor the operational state and performance, Initiate corrective action Middleware deployment and resource induction: Validate and deploy middleware releases Set up operational procedures for new resources Resource provider and user support: Coordinate the resolution of problems from both Resource Centres and users Filter and aggregate problems, providing or obtaining solutions Grid management: Coordinate Regional Operations Centres (ROC) and Core Infrastructure Centres (CIC) Manage the relationships with resource providers via service-level agreements. International collaboration: Drive collaboration with peer organisations in the U.S. and in Asia-Pacific Ensure interoperability of grid infrastructures and services for cross-domain VOs Participate in liaison and standards bodies in wider grid community

3 SA1 Partners CERN (OMC, CIC) UK+Ireland (CIC,ROC) France (CIC, ROC) Italy (CIC, ROC) Germany+Switzerland (ROC) Northern Europe (ROC) South West Europe (ROC) South East Europe (ROC) Central Europe (ROC) Russia (CIC – M12, ROC) 48 Partners involved in SA1 ROCs in several regions are distributed across many sites ROCs must take responsibility: Chapter in execution plan Organisation within region Reporting to overall SA1 OAG: Operations Advisory Group OMC: Operations Management Centre CIC: Core Infrastructure Centres ROC: Regional Operations Centres

4 Steps to project start-up Hiring Refine roles and interactions between CIC, ROC, NOC and other operational organisations Clarify interactions with JRA1 Clarify security issues Clarify relationship to international grid projects for VOs that are larger than EGEE (LCG, other HEP,…) Understand national infrastructure integration issues What requirements will this place on operations, mw, processes, security, etc. Set up basic policy frameworks: How VOs access resources, limitations, rules, etc – sufficient that infrastructure can be exploited from project start Identify sites willing to run development service (based on EDG tb sites?) Set up OMC team Organise membership of QA, Security, Requirements, etc. groups Define transition process from LCG operations to EGEE operations

5 OAG Objectives Manage the operations of the entire EGEE grid from a single centralised location (CERN) CIC Objectives Provide the basic service infrastructure of the Grid Operate the key services which connect users with resources Support the Regional Operation Centers OMC Objectives Advise the operations management on opertional policy issues Negotiate the agreements among the Resource Centres (security policies, access policies, acceptance of CA s etc.)

6 ROC Objectives and Activities Customize and certificate the middleware releases Provide the middleware release and up-to-date documentation to a set of Resource Centers (RC) Maintain the Grid Resource Centers aligned with the release Validate the set of grid services and components to form a functioning Grid to serve user communities Validate installation/upgrade procedures and documentation Develop/Run test suites for components and Grid services to certify a site installation Develop Expertise in the usage and troubleshooting of problems experienced by resource centers and users

7 ROC Objectives and Activities (cont.) Provide support to resource centers and users, interact with Application/VO specific support Refer and escalate middleware problems to developers Collaborate with CIC to have monitoring systems and performance evaluator running Define the tools to measure the service level provided by resource centers Management of access policies and sharing of the resources Provide 24x7 support service

8 Certification - Release documentation and distribution Certification of the release: the Certification Activity is a collaborative activity between the ROCs Release team, contact with the Middleware developers ROCs customize the release for their region add specific region VOs provide configuration and automatic installation tools A CVS packages repository will be used: Cern central packages repository ROC specific repository if needed Certification testbed to verify installation procedures and certificate the RCs joining the grid

9 ROC Management Team Has the responsibility to coordinate the upgrade or new installation with the Resource Centers Mantains a repository of Resource Centers configurations Collaborates with Resource Centers to install/upgrade middleware release Certificates the resources ( in collaboration with RC managers) and grid services: Development of certification suites Registration of the resources in the Grid Information Service Provides support for the deployment of the release in collaboration with the Sites (Resource Centers) and the Release Group

10 ROC: Support User and Service Support VO Services Grid Services Resource Centers and local resources managers ROC Groups (Release Group and Management team) Development of specific procedures to recover or proactively avoid congestion or faulty situation in grid services or sites Knowledge Base Escalation to middleware developers (need to define who is allowed to submit bugs) Need for coordination of support procedures and ticket-database exchange procedures to provide interoperability between ROCs support systems and give users transparent problem resolution

11 Grid groups within the support system

12 ROC: Monitoring (in collaboration with CIC) Monitoring of: computing and storage resources at Resources Centers grid services (Resource Brokers, RLS, GIS etc) VO usage/availability of resources Jobs at VO level Monitoring tools already exist (GridICE); need for improvements

13 Personale Cristina Vistoli (CNAF)70%Unf Tiziana Ferrari (CNAF)30%unf Luciano Gaido (TO)50%unf Enrico Ferro (PD)Release75%unf (f) Andrea Caltroni (PD)Release75%unf (f) x.y.cnaf (CNAF)Release100%fundEGEE A.Ferraro (CNAF)Release75%unf (f) Riccardo Zappi (CNAF)Release75%unf (f) A.Italiano (CNAF)CMT 150%unf A.Cavalli (CNAF)CMT 1100%fundEGEE L.Vaccarossa (MI)CMT 1100%fundEGEE F.Fanzago (PD)CMT 1100%fundEGEE G.Donvito (BA)CMT 1100%fundEGEE x.y.cnaf (CNAF)CMT 1100%fundEGEE

14 Personale (cont.) M.Donatelli (CNAF)CMT 1100%fundEGEE x.y.cnaf (CNAF)supporto100%fundEGEE Lore (CNAF)supporto50%unf Bonaccorsi (CNAF)supporto50%unf Negri (CNAF)supporto50%unf Verlato (PD)supporto100%fundEGEE Corvo (PD)supporto100%fundEGEE x.y.padova (PD)supporto100%fundEGEE Rosso (CNAF)supporto100%fundEGEE Degirolamo (CNAF)supporto100%fundEGEE Reale (ROMA1)supporto100%fundEGEE Bagnasco (TO)supporto100%fundEGEE Amoroso (TO)supporto100%fundEGEE

15 Personale (cont.) x.y.cnaf (CNAF)supporto100%fundEGEE x.y.milano (MI)supporto100%fundEGEE x.y.torino (TO)Supporto/CMT100%fundEGEE Tortone (NA)Monit30%unf DeBortoli (NA)Monit70%unf (f) Rubini (CNAF)Monit100%unf (f) S.Fantinel (PD/LNL)Monit100%fundEGEE TOTALE: 20 fund + 8.5 unf Contributo EU: 8.5 FTE per INFN ( ~20 pers. fund + 8.5 unfund) 2 FTE per ENEA + Unics + Unile + Unina ( forniranno 1 FTE ciascuno al ROC)

16 Richieste di inventariabile Per il Certification Testbed: 5 nodi di calcolo (10Keuro) e 1 TB (3KEuro) per ognuno dei Tier2 + CNAF. Uno o più siti (da definire) parteciperanno al Certification Testbed di EGEE, gli altri al Certification Testbed italiano. Macchine per servizi: 8 macchine (10 KEuro) per i servizi grid in due sedi (servizio principale al CNAF e mirror a Padova/LNL) per un totale di 16 macchine

17 Richieste di inventariabile (cont.) Complessivamente le richieste di inventariabile ammontano a: CNAF: 30 keuro MI: 13 PD/LNL: 29 ROMA1: 13 TO: 13 -------------------------------------- TOTALE 98 keuro

18 Richieste per missioni Nessuna variazione rispetto alla richiesta del settembre 2003 Verifica ed eventuale aggiustamento a settembre

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