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From home to work and back. 7 a.m. – GET UP!! Morning News Wake up the kids! Shower Get kids ready for school Read News Paper or Watch Morning News.

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1 From home to work and back

2 7 a.m. – GET UP!! Morning News Wake up the kids! Shower Get kids ready for school Read News Paper or Watch Morning News

3 Eat Breakfast Eggs and pancakes Cereal Doughnuts COFFEE!! Orange Juice Do not drink tea

4 8 a.m. Family Splits Up for the Day

5 8 a.m. Dad Drives to Work Leaves for work, gets stuck in traffic Often takes 20-60 minutes to get to work, 10-40 kilometers In most cities, everyone uses cars. Only in very big cities do many people use buses or trains

6 8 a.m. Dad Drives to Work Starbucks Morning Radio

7 8 a.m. Mom and Kids Mom takes kids to school, or kids ride school bus Many high schoolers drive to school

8 9 a.m. Dad arrives to Work Dad arrives to work and makes his schedule for the day, often drinks more coffee

9 9 a.m. Mom Cares for Home Picture of mom cleaning the house, making beds Mom takes care of the house. She cleans and organizes, makes the beds, etc. Many mothers are educated, but choose to be housewives

10 9 a.m. Kids Start Class for the Day Young children often have play time or are read stories in the morning Older kids start their first classes immediately.

11 10 a.m. Dad has many Meetings American office work often involves many meetings throughout the day to plan and make decisions.

12 10 a.m. Mom Doing Laundry Mom has to do laundry for whole family! Americans use both clothes washers and dryers

13 11:30 am: Dad Doing Work, Taking Calls Office work also involves communicating with many people: coordinating efforts of colleagues, making sure customers are happy, and finding new customers

14 11:30 a.m. Mom Works Out Many moms will exercise Lots of Americans have home gyms (treadmills, weight training, etc.) Private gyms are everywhere

15 11:30 a.m. Kids still at School Little kids usually eat lunch before noon – More healthy food, many paid school lunch programs High schoolers eat in the afternoon Fries, Coca-Cola, Pizza, snacks, donuts, daily entrees

16 1 p.m. Dad Eats Later Working Americans often don’t eat until the afternoon Many will eat at their desk, but also go to business lunches

17 1 p.m. Mom Runs Errands Car wash Mail out bill payments Dry cleaning

18 1 p.m. Kids at School Little kids have recess High schoolers continue with classes

19 2 p.m. Dad Continues with Work Dad is still plugging away in the office: taking calls, answering emails, talking to colleagues

20 2 p.m. Mom Schedules Day Kids have many activities, such as sports, music lessons, tutoring, birthday parties, going to library, studying, doctor appointments Mom will schedule these things for the next day

21 2 p.m. School Assemblies Little kids sometimes have guest speakers High schoolers have pep rallies for football or basketball team

22 3:30 p.m. Dad Gets Assignment My brother, dad, and brother-in-law (my sister’s husband) all travel frequently for work

23 3:30 p.m. Mom Picks Up Kids School day ends around 3:30 p.m. in most of the U.S. Mom will pick kids up from school, or they will take the school bus

24 4 p.m. Dad Has More Meetings Exhausting, isn’t it?

25 4 p.m. Mom Takes Kids to Activities Dentist or Doctor Appointment

26 5 p.m. Dad Deals with Problem Customer did not receive shipment, Dad stops other work and contacts FedEx, offers customer incentive to keep them happy

27 5 p.m. Mom Takes Kids to Activities Highschooler stays at school for music lessons Mom takes boy to baseball practice

28 6 p.m. Dad Finally Leaves Work Gets stuck in afternoon gridlock traffic

29 6 p.m. Mom Grocery Shops Mom will go to grocery store 2-3 times a week. Buys many processed foods (boxed or packaged), and some fresh foods We do not have road or sidewalk food stands

30 6:15 p.m. Dad Still Stuck in Traffic AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR RRRGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

31 6:30 p.m. Mom Starts Dinner Mom puts away groceries, starts to make dinner Americans also eat at restaurants A LOT. (Recent statistics show Americans spend more on restaurant food than healthcare.) Many restaurants available (Mexican, Chinese, Steakhouse, Italian, Fast Food, Pizza, and many others)

32 6:30 p.m. Kids Play With Friends Neighborhood kids often play together, riding bikes, sports, video games, watch T.V.

33 7:15 p.m. Dad Gets Home Relax, or do chores like mow the lawn, fix things in house, spend time with kids or wife, or do more office work

34 7:30 p.m. Family Comes Back Together Mom and Dad tell each other about their day Kids come home from playing, get ready for dinner


36 After 8 p.m. Kids will do homework or watch T.V. Mom and Dad watch T.V. or surf the internet

37 Bedtime! Kids and Mom will often go to bed earlier than Dad, around 9:30 p.m. or 10 p.m. Dad might go to bed between 10 p.m. and midnight

38 This is only average! People live many, many different lifestyles Different jobs require different activities Americans are largely under slept, and don’t take naps during the day Many do more work after dinner, and on weekends and holidays Some parents make kids spend lots of time on school work, others spend very little time. Some Americans telecommute for work: work from home, video conferencing

39 Differences with Chinese Most people have cars, even teenagers Very few Americans go home during the day Americans often don’t take lunch breaks at the same time Everyone I know has a laptop! We use email and use the internet A LOT for information and entertainment. Against the law to smoke almost anywhere except in car, home, and outside.

40 Questions? My email address: My QQ: 752365754

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