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Grace, DJ-EJ, Tane, Lucy, Courtney, Janey, Bradley. Cricket World Cup Economical impacts.

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1 Grace, DJ-EJ, Tane, Lucy, Courtney, Janey, Bradley. Cricket World Cup Economical impacts

2 Team/Player/Refs pay. ❖ If a team goes undefeated they get a bonus of $4.3 million. ❖ 1st place($3,975,000), ❖ 2nd place($1,750,000), ❖ 3rd/4th place($600,000), ❖ 5/6/7/8th($300,000), ❖ 9-14($35,000) ❖ Group stage winners($45,000) ❖ Total amount on team winnings equals = $10,225,000. ❖ New Zealand players get $350K each if they win. ❖ Umpires get paid $2500- $3000 per game. They also get free travelling passes, extra money from sponsors, free accommodation and food.

3 *Impact of the CWC on NZ’s economy- -From a New Zealand perspective, the economic impact is expected to be around $150-200 million dollars. -Economic development: CWC fans only have to apply for an Australian Visa, one visa will make it easier for cricket fans to follow their teams in both countries (this means they can boost NZ’s economy). -Gives local business’s, tourist and culture/popular tourist places an opportunity to make money and get their name out. -Generates coloured clothing, huge sponsorship and sport tourism. -Advertisement: Tournament acts as advertisement, helps to tell the world about the hospitality of the nation. -Investment: The event works as the perfect place for investment in infrastructure. -Culture: Helps showcase the unique culture of our nation and this increases travel around NZ in-between games.

4 What economic benefits can host-countries gain from accommodating this world-renowned event? Many estimates suggest that long-lasting gains can be made from hosting the games, from rises in employment, to a boost to the economy, to the legacy of national infrastructure.The economically benefits or lack of, can also be connected to the amount of tourists we attract to New Zealand. There are particular opportunities because fans from different continents follow their clubs on-line and want to demonstrate their identification with their favourite clubs and global brands using Cricket as a platform. Approximately 24Billion dollars is generated through International and Domestic tourism annually, so adding this unique occurrence we will add to this amount.

5 ❖ Accommodation- ❖ Because of the increase of tourists, there is an increase in revenue for hotels. Most hotels/motels in Auckland have increased their prices due to CWC. For example, a hotel in Auckland centre at the moment cost $300-400 a night compared to their usual cost of $180-250. ❖ If you were wanting to stay in a 5 star hotel around Auckland, the price you would be expecting to pay is from -$630-$910. ❖ Sponsorship- ❖ There are 18 business’s sponsoring the Cricket World Cup, and 4 Funding partners. Tui is putting in unto 1Million dollars sponsorship if we make the Final and for our current status (semi finals) they have put in $350K in. There is no figures on the actual total amount sponsors are giving as it varies in-between each sponsor.

6 Negative impacts- The overriding of other sporting events at the time, when the cricket world cup is being hosted in this country - thats a negative decline for other sports economically, because people begin to save for the cricket world cup rather than other sporting events; however this is a short term issue. Individuals may lose money through betting or spending money on the experience of the game (tickets, merchandise, etc) however all this benefits New Zealand.

7 Experiencing a game- ❖ $30-$195 is the range of ticket costs for general admission into a Semi Final cricket game. Plus the transport costs, food, accommodation and merchandise which for a basic t-shirt costs $120, and a cap costs $35 dollars. ❖ So all up if you were wanting to go from Cambridge up to Eden park for a game, you would be looking at at least $150 dollars for the experience.

8 Goodbye.

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