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Set up your own server! Go to “Pricing” and select the $25 package.

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1 Set up your own server!

2 Go to “Pricing” and select the $25 package

3 Select a domain name that is right for you and publically available.

4 PAYMENT Have your cards ready….

5 Enter in your costumer information. Select your method of payment method.

6 Fill out your payment information.

7 Keep track of your order number when you have submitted your payment information. Passwords too – it’s all yours. Then click on cPanel, which is your server dashboard.

8 SETTING UP YOUR SERVER SPACE In just a few clicks…

9 This is the screen you will see when you log into your space for the first time.

10 Click out of the help box and click on View More in the Web Applications section

11 Once you are on the Web Applications page, find the Omeka installation.

12 Click on the icon to find out more about the Omeka installation package. Then select Install this Application at the top right side of the page.

13 Assign a directory to access your site from the Web. We recommend using “/omeka” to your domain.

14 You have now installed Omeka on your server. Select “Edit” to configure your Omeka site.

15 Create your username and password, add your email, and set up your site’s settings according to your own specifications.

16 Your Omeka site has now been created!

17 The public view of your empty site will look something like this.

18 Login to Omeka to start working by using your domain name, omeka directory, and typing “/admin/users/login” after it. Then use your username and password to login.

19 Your empty dashboard in Omeka will look like this when you first login.

Download ppt "Set up your own server! Go to “Pricing” and select the $25 package."

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