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"Healing With Horses" My Project was made possible by…..

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1 "Healing With Horses" My Project was made possible by…..

2 Flying Changes The Flying change is the mid-air
transition requiring the same strength, confidence, and patience necessary for the building of Self Confidence Flying Changes got there name from One of the most graceful and powerful movements in dressage This is the very essence of therapeutic riding. Confidence, patience, and self control!

3 A Little History on Therapeutic Riding
Therapeutic horseback riding began in Europe over 50 years ago. It grew from a spark of intuitive wisdom in a few dedicated equestrians, into an established treatment method, now widely recognized by the medical, psychiatric, and social service professions worldwide.  In the United States, quality of programming and accreditation for over 400 centers is monitored by the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA), a non-profit service organization dedicated to promoting horseback riding for the handicapped.

4 Flying Changes How do you affect change in an individuals life?
How many people do you serve? At Flying Changes Center for Therapeutic Riding, therapeutic goals are implemented in an experiential setting by engaging the rhythmic movement of the Horse and the powerful dynamic of human/animal bond to effect change. The Center serves diagnosed handicapped children and adults ages three years to senior adulthood each week and over three hundred individuals annually How do the clients hear about you? Clients are referred through state agencies, rehabilitation centers, group homes, and schools.  FCCTR staff works closely with families and medical/educational/social services specialists and educators already involved with our clients to develop equine facilitated programming.

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