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1 Diwali

2 WHAT IS Diwali? Diwali is a Hindu festival which is known to be the festival of lights. The people lit diyas and lights to show the way through for the return for Rama after his 14 year exile.

3 Why do we celebrate Diwali?
We celebrate Diwali because it is the festival of lights. It is also celebrated because it is to welcome the return of Ram after 14 years of exile and his victory over Ravana or of Narakasura by Lord Krishra.

Diwali is celebrated during late October to early November. This celebration takes 5 days for the celebration to be over. I was first originated in India.

Hindus light up small oil lamps called diyas. Also Hindus open doors and windows to let their god Lakshmi come. All the homes are lit up and decorated with rangoli patterns to welcome the great and powerful god Lakshmi.

6 Here is a video of how Diwali is celebrated.


8 What is matriki? Matriki is the name for the group of stars also known as the Pleiades star cluster of the seven sisters. It is also called the maori new year.

9 When is it celebrated? The Māori new year Matariki is marked when the seven star clusters rise up and line up in a row. When it is a new moon will rise at dawn.

10 Why do we celebrate it? We celebrate Matariki because we embrace the land that we live on and we also we have to respect their culture.

11 How is it celebrated? We celebrating matariki by reflecting on the past , telling stories , dong the Kapa Haka ,praying to the god Rongo , carving , flying kites and by weaving. We also celebrate Matariki by growing new winter crops which is a symbol for new beginnings.

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