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Web Conferencing at UB SSW Steven Sturman Instructional Designer.

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1 Web Conferencing at UB SSW Steven Sturman Instructional Designer

2 Introduction What options are available Which software works best for what What are some of the limitations In future sessions we will have hands on training for these options

3 Software that is Available Blackboard Collaborate Microsoft Lync Google Hangouts Skype Web Conferencing through Parker 206 and Baldy 653 and Baldy 684 starting in 2014

4 Which for What? All of them allow you to video chat with your students Each one allows you to record your sessions for later usage Some allow you to share content along with the conversation Each of them has their strengths and weaknesses

5 Quick Feature Comparison CollaborateLyncGoogle Hangout Skype Capacity 1 to 501 to 250You + 101 to 25 Best Use Lecture and instruction Office hours / small meetings On the flyBringing in guest speakers Advantages Most dynamic interactive tools Geared specifically towards education Do not need to schedule Ability to share and collaborate on documents Quick and easy to set up Allows sharing of google docs Little learning curve Higher quality voice and video More international features Disadvantages Limited availability Need to schedule Learning curve Geared more towards meetings Few interactive tools Small group Extra software needed

6 Collaborate Geared specifically towards the education market Best tool for lectures and larger groups of participants Has breakout rooms, raise hands, polls, text chat, feedback options Share Content, White Boards, Application Sharing

7 Collaborate Can jump right in, but larger learning curve with all the extra tools Need to schedule specific days and times aborate/overview.aspx aborate/overview.aspx

8 Microsoft Lync Everyone has this installed on their desktop Best for office hours small groups and meetings Integrates with Outlook for scheduling and managing meetings Can Share Documents, Share Desktop, White Boards Can be used at any time without the need to schedule ahead

9 Microsoft Lync Students also have access to Lync so they can use it for group work or collaboration on their own guides/conference/virtual-conference.html guides/conference/virtual-conference.html

10 Google Hangouts Quick and easy means for impromptu meetings All you need is a google+ account Limited to 11 participants No extra features just video or audio chat Hangouts on Air allows webinars uts/ uts/

11 Skype Allows video and audio calls Best for bringing guest speakers into your class Higher quality video and audio Can connect over the phone Need special software to connect Need to purchase software to record

12 Learn More Check out the sites linked in the presentation Contact Steve or Tony and let us know which software you are interested in learning how to use We will be scheduling meeting times to meet online with people so that you can try them out

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