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1 TWNIC Update Sheng Wei Kuo, TWNIC NIR 38.

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1 1 TWNIC Update Sheng Wei Kuo, TWNIC NIR SIG@APNIC 38

2 Outline TWNIC members activities  22th TWNIC IP Open Policy Meeting  Taiwan ISP Yearbook 2013 IPv6 promotion activities  IPv6 Government Service status in Taiwan  2014 IPv6 Multi-media Contest IPv6 training  IPv6 training courses  IPv6 virtual lab Conclusions 2

3 TWNIC members activities 3

4 22th TWNIC IP Open Policy Meeting We held the 22th TWNIC IP OPM on 6/4-6/5 in Taipei. The topics focus on DNS DDos IPv6 security, IPv6 in Mobile network, IPv6 Measurement, IPv6 address management The speakers come from Cisco, APNIC, KISA, Telstra…etc. 4

5 2013 Taiwan ISP Yearbook This book published on April, 2014. In the Taiwan ISP Yearbook 2013, experts were invited to stress and explore the current development of internet industry, the analysis of international internet, and IPv6 issues. It is not only a platform to share and exchange experiences among internet- related communities, but also introduce the most updated information about Taiwan ISP industry. 5

6 IPv6 promotion activities 6

7 Taiwan Government’s Initiative to Deploy IPv6 Taiwan IPv6 Upgrade and Promotion Program (IPv6 UP) approved on December 30, 2011 by Executive Yuan, Republic of China Goal  Upgrade the first half of public network services (Web, DNS, Email) to be dual stack enabled on 2013  Upgrade the second half to be dual stack on 2015 Challenge:  How to find cost-effective Strategies to have a seamless transition 7

8 Track and Monitor 8 Stages of IPv6 Upgrade and Promotion Stage 1 Survey Stage 2 Upgrade Preparation Summarization Launch Checking Pre-survey Survey Support Team training courses FAQ and Case- based

9 Upgraded External Network Services 4,969 services need to be upgraded to IPv6 in governmental agencies. Till June 2014, 3,956 services had been even completed. 9 Upgraded ServiceWebEmailDNSFTPOtherTotal Year 2012306160658 Year 20132,8533513491283,573 Year 2014240473620325 Total3,12340440114 3,956

10 2014 IPv6 Multi-media Contest To increase people’s interests in IPv6 upgrade from all fields and to encourage the public to use IPv6 network, we held a IPv6 Multi-media Contest. Its theme is “IPv6 Upgrade Creativity and Experiences.” The participants shared their successful experiences or failure when upgrading to IPv6 by producing multi-media or film production. 10

11 IPv6 Training 11

12 TWNIC’s IPv6 Training Program in 2014 Period(May to Oct.) 12 CourseTimes Impleme nt Attendees Introduction Program IPv6 Basic Technology 1312 546 IPv6 Routing and Firewall 51 40 IPv6 Advanced Technology 52 80 Hands on Program Windows Server IPv6 96 120 Linux Server IPv6 93 84 Total 4124 870

13 IPv6 Virtual Lab Service Motivation  To Face IPv4 exhaustion and promote IPv6 to public, TWNIC set up online IPv6 Virtual Lab and provide the users with online learning materials and the environment for IPv6-related technology and configuration. Users can follow the directions and practice IPv6 configuration and technology. 13

14 IPv6 Virtual Lab Some on-line hands-on experiments for the training are implemented, such as the operating systems, e.g. Linux CentOS, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, and Windows 2012, and the corresponding DNS Server, and Web Server thereon to enable IPv6.  Students remotely login the hands-on learning virtual machine through the IPv4 network and operate the online experiment. The scenario of the Hands-on training in different operation system

15 Workflow of the Virtual-Machine-Based Hands-on Experiment 15 Online Inspection System User Login the Host to Learn the Hands-on Experments Login Online Inspection System Testing by the Online Inspection System Account Application Management System Apply for an appointment Account Configure a dedicated operation system Reply Account 1 2 3 4 5 6 Virtual Machines

16 Conclusion & future work Government’s IPv6 transition initiative is a good approach to motivate the ICT industry to develop IPv6 service. Now, most government’s network service had upgraded to IPv6. Next step, we will promote IPv6 to ISP. We will continuously use IPv6 training course, IPv6 virtual lab, activities to promote IPv6 16

17 17 Q&A

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