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Introduction to JPA Java Persistence API Introduction to JPA.

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1 Introduction to JPA Java Persistence API Introduction to JPA

2 ORM Object-Relational Mapping
Problem Object oriented programming languages Relational DBMS Several ORM frameworks has tried to ”fix” the problem Example: Hibernate JPA standardizes O/R mapping Introduction to JPA

3 Impedance mismatch EJB 3 In Action, page 252
OO model Relational model Class, object Table, row Attributes Columns Identity Primary key Methods Stored procedures Inheritance Not supported Polymorphism Introduction to JPA

4 Java EE 5 JPA is part of Java EE 5
JPA works between the Business Tier and the EIS tier (Enterprise Information System) Figure from ”Java EE 5 Tutorial” Introduction to JPA

5 Java EE 5 Some Java EE 5 containers GlassFish from Sun
Application Server from Oracle JBoss WebSphere from IBM WebLogic from BEA BEA was recently acquired by Oracle Apache Tomcat Not a full Java EE container, only a web container Introduction to JPA

6 Java Persistence API JPA is an API Some persistence providers
Implemented by a persistence provider Like JDBC is an API implemented by Some persistence providers Hibernate from JBoss TopLink from Oracle Kodo from BEA recently acquired by Oracle Introduction to JPA

7 The class EntityManager
EntityManager is the most important class of JPA Full name javax.persistence.EntityManager Some methods of EntityManager T find(primaryKey) Query createQuery(String jpql) Creates a JPQL query Query createNativeQuery(String sql) Creates a SQL query Some methods of Query List getResultList() Executes a Query and returns a list of objects Introduction to JPA

8 Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL)
Very much like ordinary SQL But not specific to any DBMS JPA converts JPQL to ordinary SQL for the actual DBMS Introduction to JPA

9 EJB 3 EJB 3 Enterprise Java Beans Important part of Java EE 5
Much simpler than EJB 2 POJO + annotations Plain Old Java Objects EJB classes can Create database tables or Be created from database tables Introduction to JPA

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