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Penny Lancaster As a Photographer Parker Lloyd Period 1.

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1 Penny Lancaster As a Photographer Parker Lloyd Period 1

2 In The Beginning… Born on 15 March, 1971 in Chelmsford, Essex, England Parents were Graham and Sally Lancaster Artistic from an early age –Dance, tap, and other expressive forms of art –Switched to aerobics at age 16, but still loved to dance

3 Career Originally a Model In the late 90’s, began getting serious with photography to see the other side of modeling Not only starred but a finalist in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing; virtually a British version of Dancing With The Stars. Jenny Frost cuddles with her chocolate coloured canine. 2007

4 Photography Relationship with Rod Stewart changed career –Caused her to take up photography, specifically for Hello! Magazine Style consists mainly of portraits –Specifically of celebrities and their pets. Rod Stewart with lab Mrs. Potts, 2007 Jockey Frankie Dettori enjoying his furred friends 2007 Actor Bradley Walsh enjoys some quality time with his four-legged friend. 2007 Singer Lulu posing with her pooch.2007

5 Style Portraits Most Famous Work: celebrity dog calendar Pet Pawtraits (for charity) –Featuring stars like Elton John, Simmon Cowell, Lulu, and other British celebrities Simon Cowell with dog, Buster. 2007 Elton John relaxes with his hound. 2007

6 Facts “Animals and photography are my two biggest passions.” Mother of two Married to notorious Ladies Man Rod Stewert Towered above her classmates; 6’1” TV host Gabby Logan and husband Kenny show off their pet. 2007

7 Inspiration Gain most of her inspiration from the modeling business, along with her family Family just makes her want to take pictures. Husband Rod Stewart poses with his golden Labrador. 2007

8 At first glance, this picture has a natural lighting, however I think it is an artificial background and lighting, focusing on Rod Steward and his dog. Part of what makes this a good picture is the lighting and the shadows formed on and around him. This is definitely an artificial lighting. The main focus of the photograph is Jenny Frost with her pup. One reason I find this picture appealing is the cushy texture of the pillows around the photo, as well as the use of color and lighting to make tranquil photograph. The story behind this picture is how pleasant it is waking up on a bright sunny day with you adorable little puppy. This photo appears to have natural lighting; possibly taken on Lulu’s patio. background, texture, and lighting all pull together to make this picture quite elegant, as well as a slight rule of thirds with the focus being on her face.

9 Considering the detail and complexity of the background, this lighting would have to be natural. The textures of the dirt, and the tree of which Frankie Dettori is leaning up against gives this picture an appealing, welcoming, natural look to it. The story behind this is just how much fun having several dogs can be. The lighting for this photo is natural, featuring Bradley Walsh relaxing in the shade with his pup. The balance of this photo is what I think its best feature is; also the lighting and texture reminds the viewer of a warm summer day. The message behind this image is the importance of taking some “me” time with your best friend. The lighting is artificial, surrounding infamous singer and critic Simon Cowell. The texture of the background, combined with the sterile white lighting make this a mediocre picture, but still worthy of attention. The message for this could be that everyone has a soft, puppy-eyed side to them.

10 The lighting of the picture, natural, is definitely the best part, having the background washout and surround Elton John, clad in his expensive, fanciful, black suit. The purpose of any of the pictures is that they all say that even celebrities are people. They care for, and love their dogs just as much or more than any regular person, and that anyone can make a dog happy. The lighting of this picture is a unique mix of natural, and artificial, having Gabby Logan on the natural side making her brighter, and drawing more attention to her, and Kenny Logan on the other. The story behind this is that even in a big house, a pup can be happy. All these pictures I chose have a purpose to me, partially, they are the most famous works of Penny Lancaster, but they all show an animal- centered point of view which I enjoy and appreciate, and since they all go together, I saw it fitting to use the entire set.

11 Citations All Dog Calendar Photo’s – Other Information - -

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