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Welcome UALR COE Students

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1 Welcome UALR COE Students
Resume Workshop Resume Interview Spring 2013 Cover Letter References Welcome UALR COE Students

2 Resume 1


4 Resume 2


6 Things to include: Include who you are, what you do, what you have done, and what you can do. Include a complete chronological history of education and work experience, brief personal information, special talents and interests. Start with most recent experiences and work back in years; include any field work in your teaching experience. If you are applying for your first teaching job, include tutoring and camp experience. If you can, list the education and experiences relevant to the job you now want first. Include any work history before UALR in you resume; you might not think prior experience is relevant, but the reader might. Don't be afraid to include your accomplishments.

7 Things to remember: Format – pdf or doc (word), commonly used font (Helvetica, Times new roman, Georgia) Length- max 2 pages Clear and concise Do you want to put education or teaching experience first? Resumes are often looked at quickly: Important information should stand out. Try not to leave gaps in your work history. 20 second test

8 Cover Letter Example March 31, 2011 Mr. Geoffrey Pierson, Principal Highland High School 300 Pearson St. Little Rock, AR Dear Mr. Pierson, I am writing, at the recommendation of Judith Hayn and Rene Carson, to inquire about a teaching position with your Science Department. I am a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Presently, I am finishing my graduate work at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, in the College of Education. I have spent the last semester as an Intern at Central High School, in the Science Department, teaching Biology and Environmental Science. I am drawn to Highland by its focus on global issues and its diverse population. As an Intern at Central High School, I have had the unique experience of acting as a co-teacher. Being exposed to Central’s faculty and students, as well as their ideas and strategies addressing the state standards, has greatly influenced my own teaching and leadership abilities. Through my teaching experiences, I have developed strategies for preparation and classroom management. Working and brainstorming with a team of highly qualified professionals gave me the opportunity to assess curriculum throughout the year create strategies in order to reach the different learning styles of every student. I have also been given the freedom to create and institute curriculum to enrich the existing curriculum. With this freedom I have developed units on Garbology and Environmental Damage & Repair. While at UALR, I have willingly expanded my responsibilities. I have participated in the Future Educators Association, with several Community Service Projects, including the Forest Park Garden Project. I have also assisted several UALR Faculty members in their research projects, on Science Education. These additional experiences have heightened my understanding and interest in Science and the application of the content in the schools and strengthened my belief that all students deserve a quality education and learning environment. I would be most interested in teaching in the Science Department, as a Life/Earth Teacher. I look forward to meeting with you about future opportunities with your school. If I can supply any further information, please feel free to call me at (501) Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Janie Smith

9 Cover Letter The cover letter should have four paragraphs or sections:
Things to include: The cover letter should have four paragraphs or sections:  First: Why are you writing?  Second: Why are you qualified? Third: What makes you qualified for this position? Last: Ask for an interview and give contact info. Include your Philosophy of education statement: I believe that the goal of education… I believe that knowledge of … I believe that role of an educator is… I believe that all children should … Include impressive things here (education, unique background or employment). 

10 Cover Letter ctd. Be clear and concise. Do your research.
Things to remember: Be clear and concise. Do your research. Enclose a cover letter each time you send a resume. The goal of the letter is to obtain an interview. Make each letter specific to the position for which you are applying. This is your chance to grab them and keep them interested enough to look at your resume. Always bring a copy of your cover letter and resume; refer to it prior to an interview.

11 Interview Questions Why did you choose teaching as a profession?
Can you summarize your philosophy on teaching? How would you address the needs of all students, while also meeting the standards? How would you integrate your curriculum, to provide the students with content that is also rich with context?  How do you deal with an upset parent? What instructional methods would you use to meet the content standards/grade standards? It’s the first day of school; what is your primary objective for your students? How do you handle the different abilities in your classroom, both high/low/average? What behavior management tools would you use in your classroom? How would you manage 25 different personalities? What are your strengths and weaknesses as an educator? What questions do you have for us?

12 References & Follow-up
You may ask for a reference from: Current or former professors University administrators Current or former supervisors from a job or internship (CTs from past placements) Community members you worked with through a volunteer experience or extracurricular activity Remember to contact them first, to obtain permission and to get their most recent contact information. List them with the following: Name Title Place of Employment Phone Number It always helps to send a thank you letter.

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