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Curriculum and Instruction Defined

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1 Curriculum and Instruction Defined
Chapter 1

2 Curriculum and instruction are viewed as separate but dependent concepts.
Curriculum the program Instruction the method

3 A Discipline? Contains: An organized set of principles
A body of knowledge and skills for which training is needed Its theoreticians and practitioners

4 “A systematic group of courses or sequences of subjects required for graduation or certification in a field of study, for example, social studies curriculum, physical education…”

5 Curriculum is a plan for learning…
Hilda Taba

6 Robert Gagne - “wove together subject matter (content), the statement of ends (terminal objectives), sequencing of content, and pre-assessment of entry skills required of students when they begin the study of the content” What it does…or should do… that is, its purpose

7 Models of Curriculum Instruction Relationship
Dualistic model Interlocking model Concentric model Cyclical model

8 Curriculum as a Discipline
Significant set of principles Borrowed constructs, principles, knowledge and skills Specialists and new curriculum concepts (theoreticians and practitioners)

9 Principles of Curriculum Development
Chapter 2

10 Education System that changes ? Continuous improvements?
Generally accepted principles? Who plays significant roles?

11 Theory X, Y,Z The leader must know:
The change process (structure, information, control methods, decision made Have interpersonal skills (types of behavior) Leadership skills (traits) - approaches- Traditional, monocratic bureaucratic Pluralistic/collegial Communication skills (oral and written)

12 Terms Curriculum development Curriculum planning
comprehensive term that includes planning, implementation, and evaluation Curriculum planning preliminary phase of curriculum development thinking or design phase Curriculum implementation translation of plans into action

13 Curriculum improvement
synonymous with curriculum development Viewed as the result of development Curriculum evaluation Results assessed and successes of both the learners and programs determined

14 10 Axioms of Change Inevitability of change
inevitable and necessary Curriculum a product of its Time reflects / a product of its time Concurrent Changes - changes at earlier time/exist concurrently with new

15 - a result of people changing Cooperative Endeavor
Change in people - a result of people changing Cooperative Endeavor - effected as a result of cooperative endeavor on part of the group

16 Decision - Making Process Continuous Process Comprehensive Process
basically what it is Continuous Process a never-ending process Comprehensive Process

17 Systematic Development
more effective than trial and error Starting from Existing Curriculum - planner starts from where the curriculum is / ex. teacher starts from where students are

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