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Arianne Williams, Period 2. PERSONAL CAREER EXPLORATION Physicians Assistant.

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1 Arianne Williams, Period 2


3 JOB DESCRIPTION Physicians assistants are trained to provide diagnostics, therapeutic, and preventive health care services. They take medical histories, examine& treat patient, order labs& x-rays, and make diagnoses.

4 To be qualified as a Physicians Assistant you must first attend a four year university to receive an undergraduate in any major you wish. Then, you must enter into a PA program for another two years to be named a Pennsylvania Physicians Assistant. EDUCATION/TRAINING

5  Experienced  Works well with others  Caring  Good with people  Mature  Good communication skills ADDITIONAL SKILLS/ ABILITIES

6 JOB OUTLOOK Being a physicians assistant is fairly easy to find a hot spot to work at. Everywhere is in desperate need of nurses, doctors, and physicians. Usually a good place to reside& work is in big cities.

7 A Physicians Assistant pay can vary among different locations and such, but the average salary for a PA in 2013 is $90,930. A PA can receive anywhere from $40 an hour to $50. POTENTIAL EARNINGS

8  Nurse Practitioner  Doctor  Registered Nurse RELATED OCCUPATIONS


10 A pipe fabricator is trained to complete welds along pipes to specific standards in order to seal the pipe that may carry gas or liquids. Pipe welders work in an outside environment due to the large size of the pipes. The main types of welding that the fabricators use are called arc welds and oxy-fuel welds. It is very important that a welder is well trained and taught to prevent any injuries. JOB DESCRIPTION

11 In order to become a certified welder one must attend a vocational school for at least 18 months and pass several certifications. However, some company’s may require longer schooling or none at all. EDUCATION/ TRAINING

12  Good problem-solver  Endurance  Hand/eye coordination  Training  Math skills  Certifications QUALIFICATIONS

13 The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that welders have a bright future. The job outlook for a welder is said to have a 15% growth from 2010- 2020, that estimates to over 50,000 more jobs from coast to coast. Luckily for welders there will always be a need. JOB OUTLOOK

14 The average salary for a welder is around $30,000 to $50,000 per year. When starting out as a welder without any experience pay is going to be lower than average. Once one has at least 2-3 years of experience pay will increase along with hourly pay and bounses. POTENTIAL EARNINGS

15  Welding Inspector  Welding Engineer  Welding Supervisor RELATED OCCUPATIONS

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