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VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 1 Východoslovenská energetika a.s. We invest in the region Košice, October 19, 2010.

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1 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 1 Východoslovenská energetika a.s. We invest in the region Košice, October 19, 2010

2 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 2 Agenda A.RWE presence and position in Slovakia  VSE  Presence of RWE in Europe and Slovakia  Key data about VSE B.Grid investments  Investments into grid infrastructure and connection of new customers C.Significant grid projects  New dispatch centre put into operation  New grid infrastructure in Prešov and Kosice  Strengthening of HV corridor „West - East“  Complex modernization of TSO/DSO substations in Lemešany and Voľa

3 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 3 VSE – a stable partner with long-time experience >Východoslovenská energetika a.s. (VSE) is an energy company providing comprehensive services related to electricity consumption >We have been active on the market for more than 80 years providing our services approximately to 500,000 customers – households, companies and organisations >We are the 6th largest employer in eastern Slovakia* *Source: Trend TOP 200 non-financial companies according to data 2009, July 2010

4 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 4 Strong background of RWE Group >We are part of RWE Group which is one of five largest energy groups in Europe >RWE is active in production, distribution and energy sales in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Central Europe >To RWE customers belong more than 16 million electricity customers and 8 million gas customers >RWE turnover for 2009 was eur 47 billion Data for 2009

5 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 5 RWE in Europe

6 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 6 Presence of RWE in Slovakia Renewable Electricity Sales / Grid Services Gas Sales IT Services RWE Gas SK (100%) RWE IT Slovakia (100%) VSE (49%) Electricity Distribution VSD IT Services RWE Innogy (100%) Activities in the area of energy generation from biomass Voice Services VSE Call Centrum VSE Ekoenergia VSE IT služby Turnover 2009 € 540 mil. average number of employees 2009 1,550 Turnover 2009 € 50 mil. 150 employees Turnover 2009 € 11 mil. 3rd place on the Slovak market 2nd place on the Slovak market Turnover 2009: € 780 mil. average number of employees 2009: 1,700

7 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 7 Basic information about VSE Electricity distribution~ 4 TWh Points of supply ~ 603,500 Total revenues~ EUR 535 mil.€ Profit after tax~ EUR 75 mil.€ Investments~ EUR 46 mil.€ Average number of employees1,550 Note: Consolidated data stated for VSE Group for 2009

8 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 8 VSE has tripled its investments since entry of RWE to ensure stability, reliability and quality of the grid Development of the region – e.g. ~ 10ths. new connections every year Higher security of supply, also due to asset optimization, automation and centralization of dispatching Key achievements Current amount of investments need to be kept to ensure improvement of grid reliability and safety  Stable political and regulatory framework as precondition  Right incentives – guaranteed return on investment Quality of distribution still behind EU standard Key challenges … significantly supporting development of Eastern Slovakia Development of grid investments Additionally, productivity of own construction works increased, and price of materials and supplies decreased due to transparent procurement. Period of underinvestment before RWE entry Entry of RWE

9 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 9 At present, majority of investments have been targeted into grid renewal and connecting customers into the distribution system Systematic replacement of obsolete production facilities Industrial parks and LV customers SEPS and SE, the future decentralized power plants Total investments into grid Renewal Connecting customers Other partners in the market

10 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 10 Renewal of the grid assets was not carried out systematically in the past >The systematic maintenance and renewal of grid assets was neglected in the past >Systematic replacement since 2003 >Keeping systematic records of the asset conditions of production facilities, on grounds of which an optimum renewal strategy in the future shall be possible >This has been extended by the asset simulations which forecast the behavior of the grid in the ageing process and the process of failures >CAPEX in 2010: ~ EUR 25 Mil.

11 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 11 Despite the economic and financial crisis in 2009, several customers asked for new connections to the grid >A new MV connection was provided to 91 large customers – however, a significant slowdown was registered in the development of industrial parks >In the LV grid there were created ~ 8.700 new connections: –1.480 for business customers –7.230 for households Košice Michalovce Investments into new connections total EUR 14.5 Mil.

12 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 12 Central Dispatch Centre has launched its operations on November 1, 2009 >Renewal of obsolete technology >At the same time, 5 former dispatch centers have been centralized into one central dispatch with a significant positive impact on operational efficiency >Technical interconnection between SCADA, the GIS/NIS and the Grid calculation software > Timing: 2006 - 2009 >Investment: ~ EUR 3.6 Mil.

13 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 13 >The large industrial customer Kronospan, as well as connection of the Industrial Park Grófske have requested the construction of a third electrical HV substation in Prešov >Connection to the 110 kV line Bardejov – Prešov I, of 6 km length >Timing: 12/2008 – 11/2009 >Investment: ~ EUR 5.3 Mil. A third HV substation has been constructed in Prešov last year

14 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 14 Just ongoing construction of the fourth HV substation in Košice... >Increasing requirements for electricity consumption in Košice agglomeration >Connection of new electricity sources >Securing electricity supply and distribution for the industry park in the area of Pereš - airport >Timing: 03/2010 – 07/2011 >Investment: ~ EUR 6.3 Mil.

15 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 15 TSO/DSO substation Lemešany Strengthening and complex renewal of the HV corridor Lemešany - Voľa TSO/DSO substation Lemešany In 2009, the strengthening of the HV corridor „West - East“ Lemešany – Voľa was finished A B C A B C Investments: ~ EUR 6.5 Mil.

16 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 16 Complex and robust modernization of 110kV technology at TSO/DSO substation Lemešany >Strategic decision in relation to the decision of decommission (liquidation) of the 220 kV system taken by TSO and supported by the State energy policy >Systematic transformation change from 220 kV to 400 / 110kV and modernization of the 110 kV technology, which leads to the increase of distribution reliability and security >The biggest and the most significant electrical station in distribution grid in Eastern part of Slovakia >Timing: 2006 - 2009 >Investments: ~ EUR 10 Mil.

17 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 17 Complex and robust modernization of 110kV technology at TSO/DSO substation Voľa >Strategic decision in relation to the decision of decommission (liquidation) of the 220 kV system taken by TSO and State energy policy >Fulfill the output requirements for distribution reserved capacity / electricity supply for the new customer SSM ( steel mill factory) >The reconstruction of the 400 kV system of the TSO requires a complete reconstruction of the 110 kV substation technology >Timing: 2009 – 2013 >Investments: ~ EUR 10 mil.

18 VSE a.s. 21.08.2015Page 18 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION.

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