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Today’s Group Task Discuss & present the following;

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1 Today’s Group Task Discuss & present the following;
You are going for your internship. Consider the following; List the possibility of ‘discrimination’ or ‘unfairness’ you may face? Do you think female workers will perform at par with the male ones? Why? A few friends of yours are disabled and a few are married. They find it harder to obtain an internship placement. Why do you think this is so?

2 Today’s Group Task Discuss & present the following;
Conduct an in-class research on “workplace discrimination in Malaysia / other countries”. Present the details. Consider and discuss what type of people are likely to become harassed/bullied/discriminated in the workplace. Discuss how you, as a HR Manager would handle the above cases.

3 Today’s Group Task – Role Play
Lights, camera, action! In your team, select one person to play the role of; The HR Manager The HR Executive One / more new worker One / more senior worker Any other related roles. Scenario: Role-play a 3-minute scenario illustrating a case of discrimination / harassment / bullying in your firm, and how the HR department solves the issue. 20 minutes!

4 Example: FedEx Agrees to Pay $3 Million to Settle a Bias Case


Objectives: To understand the legislative framework governing HRM in Malaysia. To understand the nature & consequences of discrimination, equality issues, harassment & bullying.

7 Labor relations and collective bargaining are closely governed by law.
Human resource management attracts, develops, and maintains a talented workforce. Government legislation protects workers against employment discrimination. Employee rights and other issues complicate the legal environment of work. Labor relations and collective bargaining are closely governed by law. HRM is one of the areas where potential problem solving is not a good thing to do; it is a necessity.

8 HRM Legislation promotes…
Equality & Diversity in Employment

9 What is Unlawful Discrimination?
Treating a person/group of people less favorably as compared to another person/group of people.

10 Unlawful discrimination
Discrimination is an everyday feature of employment. However discrimination not based on justifiable, merit-based needs of an organization, is unacceptable, offensive and potentially damaging. It is likely to be offensive to the majority of those employed and the community in which the organization operates.

11 Basis of discrimination;
Age Disability Marital status Gender Pregnancy Race Religion / belief

The process of ensuring that employment practices are fair and unbiased. Rooted in the world’s greatest religions. FAIR & JUSTICE.

13 Equality Issues Equal Pay Work-Life Balance
Family-Friendly Legislations

14 WORKPLACE DIVERSITY An approach to the management of employees, reflecting the changing social & demographic characteristics of the workforce. Leads to; Motivated & committed people. Market competitiveness Corporate reputation benefits.

15 Do you know? Which company is the best employer of year 2013?

SP Setia Shell Malaysia Intel Malaysia DHL Malaysia Petronas Nestle Malaysia Maxis IBM Malaysia Dell Malaysia CIMB

17 Homework Try to find out the top 10 maritime companies in Malaysia.

18 Legal Aspects Of HRM These laws can seem intimidating but the basic principals behind them are fairness and equality.

19 (Akta Pekerja) Employment Act 1955
Definition of "employee" Contract of service Payment of wages Employment of women Maternity protection Other benefits of monetary form: Hours of work, Overtime, Rest days, Annual leave, Public holidays, Sick leave How complaint to be dealt with Termination benefits and lay-off benefits

20 (Akta Pekerja 1955)

21 Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
Covers employee s or applicant between

22 Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978
Prohibit using pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions to discriminate in: - hiring - promotion - suspension - or any terms related to employment If employer offers disability coverage to its employees, pregnancy & childbirth to be covered in the same plan.

23 Harassment & Bullying Harassment:
Any unwelcome attention or behavior from another person that is offending, uncomfortable, threatening, leading to loss of dignity & self-worth.

24 Sexual Harassment Unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, take place under: Made as term of employment Conduct will affect decision in employment Interfering individual’s work performance (or offensive work environment)

25 Bullying: The abuse of power, physical or mental strength by someone in a position of authority towards a person / group resulting in harmful stress & inconfidence.

26 Malaysia – Akta Buruh / Pekerja
Jabatan Tenaga Kerja dan Sumber Manusia:

27 CUEPACS: Malaysia – Labor Union
The Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services is a national trade union center in Malaysia. It has a membership of 1,200,000.

28 What can Unions do to the management?
These actions on either side are a good example of the need for potential problem solving. Anyone of these actions can result in serious damage to employers and employees alike.

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