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Teen Pregnancy BY: Rabekkah Porter.

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1 Teen Pregnancy BY: Rabekkah Porter

2 The Struggles Being a teen mother is hard especially when you are by yourself. You need a job to help Support your child. 34% of young girls have A child before the age 20.

3 Struggles Continue. Teenage pregnancy and parenting can pose many challenges for both young women and the young fathers who are experiencing their own feelings. There are many ways to support you during Your pregnancy with out your baby’s farther there.

4 Struggles Continue.. 25% girls have baby and with in
The 2 years the have another one. The most dramatic reduction in teen pregnancy—23%has occurred among African American teenagers.

5 The Final Struggle. Teenage pregnancy rates remain high and approximately 1 million teenage girls become pregnant each year in the United States. about 80% Of the teen age girls got pregnant.

6 The Cost The cost of a teen having a Baby for teens can be very
Costly when not having a job. There are many ways to Get help from the state To help you support you And your child.

7 The cost continue.. Having a baby is A lot of money.
You should be finance And ready. Being married might help.

8 The Cost Continue. The cost is a lot of money.
You need at lease 1500 dollars. You need that much to be able to get everything you need. Car seats and other things can get mighty Costly.

9 The Cost Continue.. You must have a car seat to leave
And a car seat can be up to dollars. A diaper bag is 40.00 dollars. Bottles dollars. Binky dollars. Stroller dollars For a good one.

10 The Final Cost C-section 2,000-4,000 dollars. Staying in the hospital
a day. Bringing home the baby can cost up to ,000 Dollars. Because of the clothes& other Things you might want.

11 Pictures of Teen Pregnancy

12 During my teen Pregnancy
Although I am 18 I am still a teen and it’s a hard thing. I have my baby’s father here to help luckily. My advice to teens would be to wait till your ready and stable. Another advice that I would give is to stay in school.

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