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Hotel Operation-F&B Division

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1 Hotel Operation-F&B Division
Overview This presentation gives information about the organization of F&B department in hotels Goal To learn the operations of the food & beverage department

2 Objectives To learn sub divisions of the food & beverage department
To learn the skills of the F&B directors To learn the kitchen organization in a hotel To learn the types of Bar Controls To learn the duties of the Director of Catering To learn the trends in Food & Beverage Operations

3 Food and Beverage Division
Kitchen Restaurants Banquets Beverage Lounges Bars Banquet Beverage Room Service

4 Skills for F&B Directors
Leadership Training Motivation Budgeting Cost control And much more

5 Kitchen Organization Executive Chef Executive Sous Chef
responsible for customer satisfaction ensures food quality and consistency Executive Sous Chef second in command day to day operation

6 Kitchen Organization Sous Chef Chef tournant Chefs de partie
rotates through kitchen Chefs de partie responsible for different areas within the kitchen examples: pasty chef, banquet chef, garde manger, restaurant chef

7 Food Costs Beginning Inventory + Purchases - Issues = Ending Inventory
Inventory Issues is the food cost Food Cost Ratio = Food Cost Food Sales Typical food cost ratio is 28-32%

8 Labor & Beverage Costs Labor Cost Beverage Cost (Pour Cost)
highest single expense in the food & beverage division $ amount of # employee hours department revenue Beverage Cost (Pour Cost) beverage issues beverage revenues

9 Contribution Margin Dollar differential between the cost and the sales price of a menu item Example: Pasta Dish sells for $8.75 Pasta Dish costs Contribution Margin $5.00

10 Bars Profit percentage for beverage is higher than food, profit center
Efficiency based on pour/cost percentage 16-24% pour/cost percentage

11 Bar Controls Automatic dispensing system Intoxication of customer
Pilferage by employees Overcharge/undercharge customers Perpetual Inventories

12 Director of Catering Catering Director must work with
Director of Sales Food and Beverage Director Executive Chef Catering Services Manager Responsible for selling and servicing all catering, banquets, meetings and exhibitions.

13 Catering Department Catering - includes a variety of occasions when people may eat at varying times Banquets - refers to groups of people who eat together at one time and in one place. Terms are used interchangeably

14 Catering Business Meetings from Sales Department
Corporate Office Sales Department Convention & Visitors Bureau Community Social Events Private Affairs Cold calls

15 Trends in Food and Beverage Operations
Use of branded restaurants Hotels opting not to offer F&B facilities More casual atmosphere Themed restaurants Standardized menus within a chain Sports theme bars Partnering with other brands

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