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Online Registration Software A Robust, High Quality Web Based Solution that Streamlines your Organization! (612) 339-3355 1 (866)

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1 Online Registration Software A Robust, High Quality Web Based Solution that Streamlines your Organization! (612) 339-3355 1 (866) 770-3355

2 Zap Event Online event registration software that can handle: Racing Events Seminars Class Reunions Meetings Handle any event that requires collecting information and payment!

3 Zap Event is Simple to Use Create an Event Define Activities Set Pricing Done! No Event is Too Small or Too Large!

4 Benefits High Quality Site. Low Cost. More Control It’s your data (unlike other organizations who sell to your customers) It’s your money (no outrageous fees like many other online systems – No Setup fees )

5 Rich User Experience Picture Gallery, Map, Weather and Contact form within your event. Benefits

6 Events Allow Up Selling You can add donations or gear to the registration process The best time to sell is when the credit card is out!

7 Benefits Events Allow Tiered Pricing Price by age and/or date – easy to setup.

8 Benefits Secure Form Submission Using SSL to encrypt all transactions Using CAPTCHA * to verify transaction is process by a person and not a computer attempting to hack in to the system. *Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

9 Benefits Promotion Code Allows you to create a “Promotional Code” using dollars or percentages. Limit what the code can be applied to. Registration Fee Up Sell Add On Fee (apparel, donation, etc.) Question Fee (fee if attending dinner etc.) Limit the number of times the code can be used.

10 Benefits Events Allow Defining Questions to Capture Data Questions can be setup in one to many groups. Questions can be required. Support: Text, Radio Buttons, Check Box, Drop Down List, Numeric and Multiple Check Box. Cost can be associated with question and answer Add footnote to questions Add “Other” to defined answers Control display order

11 Basic Event Registration To use Zap Event you must define three entities within Zap Event Administration Create an Event Create an Activity or Activities under the Event Define Pricing for the Activity or Activities

12 Event Setup An Event allows you to define a category, event name and date You can give a complete address with location Define URL and contact info When online registration is closed Processing fee (description, percentage and additional amount)

13 Activity Setup An Activity allows you to define specific information for the activity. This information might be the same or it might be different from the event. The form is loaded with default information from the event.

14 Pricing Setup Pricing is defined for each activity. Pricing is controlled by date and age. Date – price if registered on or before this date Age – price if day of the event the registered user is less than or equal to this age NOTE: If you are not going to have a tiered pricing you would put the date on or after the event date and put the age at 999.

15 Advanced Event Registration Zap Event Allows: Up sell via Add Ons Promotion Codes Picture Galley Questions and Answers Domain Images Domain Waivers

16 Add on Setup Event Add On Group Add Ons together. Specify Single or Multiple select within a group. Can the user select one from the group or multiple from the group? Set the Description, Price and Taxable. Order to display within a Group.

17 Promotion Code Setup Promotion Codes Define a Code, Type and Amount. You can specify Dollar or Percent. Specify how many times a code can be used and what it applies to.

18 Picture Galley Setup Picture Galley Upload pictures to display next to your event. Zap Event will create a thumbnail of the image and create a picture galley displaying all the thumbnails allowing users to view images of your event.

19 Questions Setup Questions and Answers Questions can be put into logical groups Define the Question, Order, Required and a Footnote Supports: Text, Drop Down List, Radio Buttons, Check Box, Multiple Check Boxes and Numeric Text. Supports Dollars associated with answers.

20 Add Domain Images Domain Images Upload images to associate with events Large and Small images

21 Add Domain Waivers Domain Waiver Define your waiver once and associate with events

22 Run Reports Reporting We can create any report you may need at no cost Registration Report gives you every value you collect during registration in a spread sheet Financial report tells you how much you collected, you much you been paid and what is still owed to you.

23 Our Fee Zap Event Charges $1 per registration and the actual credit card transaction fee. Current fee is 2.2 percent plus $.30 per order. You control the “Processing Fee” to your customer. No Fee: The cost comes out of registration price. Exact Fee: The exact processing fee is added to the check out. Increased Fee: Additional percentage and amounts can be added to the check out. (even with additional fee, the total cost of check out can be less then

24 Free Advertising for 18 Months Signup an event for online registration with Zap Event and get free advertising for 18 months. This is a great way to promote: An annual event Running Club Store Front Web Site

25 Contact PowerObjects Phone: 612-339-3355 E-Mail:

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